Gillian: Some Early Spring Self-Care Suggestions


I’m sure everyone is acutely aware of the fact that Sunday was Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil decreed that this year we will have an early spring. For us BU students, that means getting ready for some balmy 55-degree weather and a revival of raincoats. Whatever spring might mean to you, I always take advantage of this transitory period from winter to spring to make sure that I am the best me that I can be! Here are some tips that I follow:

Spring Cleaning

It’s called spring cleaning for a reason. During the spring, I like to go through the material goods in my life and get rid of anything that doesn’t ~spark joy~. I recommend going to Buffalo Exchange and donating what I can trade for store credit and then using that store credit to purchase some new fun thrifty finds. When your friends ask you where you got that cool new jacket, you can impress them by saying it was a thrift store find.


The return of spring has a way of making me remember how I can’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, and how that’s not an ideal situation. Exercise, whatever the level, is important to your physical and mental health. I highly recommend yoga because it combines physical exercise with some meditation, nurturing every part of you. BU’s FitRec has yoga (and all other kinds of exercise) classes, as well as some semester-long PDPs. There are also some cool yoga studios nearby! Coolidge Yoga in Coolidge Corner and Down Under Yoga near South Campus both have “$30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga” deals! Spring score!

Fun Events

Spring brings along a lot of fun events, both seasonal and not. During this time of warming weather and allergies, I try to make sure that I have some FUN! From events on campus, like going to BU’s extracurricular theatre clubs’ events  -Shakespeare Society is hosting their version of Shakespeare in the Park later this spring – to events off-campus like going to Boston Women’s Market or to midnight showings of your favorite movies at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, Boston has a lot to offer!

Overall, it’s important that you are taking care of all facets of yourself at all times . Spring is a lovely, gentle reminder to do the things that make you happy and healthy. I will be doing my self-care – will you?

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