Lindsey: Five Ways to Better Yourself in Quarantine


In the last two weeks, the majority of published content offers endless ways to keep busy during the quarantine. But, there’s too much content. If you’re indecisive like me, its easy to default to the go-to activity: Netflix binging. 

Knowing BU COM kids, we like to be productive….at every waking hour. I’ve narrowed down a shortlist of ways to be productive in quarantine: 

  • Listen to a new podcast

Recently, I’ve become a podcast lover, especially educational podcasts. While going for a walk, sitting outside/inside, podcasts are great for letting time pass by quickly and with meaning. If you’re looking for an inspirational podcast, try NPR’s “How I Built This.” Each episode features a famous company’s start-up story (the Chipotle episode is great!). 

  • Learn a new skill…online

For a lot of us, our workloads are not as harsh as usual. With extra time, you can learn new skills to make you a better candidate in the professional world. For example, Google offers a beginner’s course in Google Analytics and Adobe Suite offers beginner’s course to learn design. All for free! 

  • Glam up: makeup YouTube tutorials

This is not necessarily academic, but it is self-help. Do you beg your friend every Saturday night to do your eyeshadow? Yes. Do you know the purpose of each makeup brush? I definitely don’t. Now’s our time. With hundreds of makeup tutorials out there, we can easily master the perfect day-time, night-time, natural look and start next fall with the best looks on campus. 

  • Master a new workout routine

Sitting all day is NOT good for your mental and physical health. Get your muscles moving with a little help from YouTube’s collection of free workout classes and routines. My favorites are 305 Fitness, Pop Sugar Fitness, and MadFit. All of these videos are 30 minutes are less, and are easy to integrate into your daily routine. 

  • Cook up a storm: new recipes

I’m a horrible cook. Since I’m not in my mini-kitchen in Boston for now, it’s the perfect time to learn basic cooking skills and impress your family, so next year you’re not stuck with microwavable ramen every night. and BuzzFeed Tasty are great places to look for easy, no-time, yummy recipes.

Although we have more time on our hands than we’ve ever had, we are still living through a global pandemic and it is stressful. It’s important to not be too hard on yourself, and know it’s okay to have a lazy day. This list is for the days you’re feeling productive 🙂 Stay safe and healthy!

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