Meredith: Self-Care Tips That Will Make You a Better Student This Fall


Being a good student definitely involves staying on top of your academics, keeping your schoolwork organized, and paying attention in class. You have to study hard to get the grades you want, but if you are not taking care of yourself properly then none of that other stuff is going to happen for you. Here are a few things I started doing during quarantine that I will bring into the fall semester in order to have the best semester I possibly can. 

1. Staying active

I know that after a long day of clubs, classes, and internships, going on a run or heading to the gym is the last thing you want to do. That’s why you need to start getting into the habit now so you can carry it into the fall easily. I started running in the past few months and I have fallen in love with it! There are so many awesome apps you can use to build up your speed, strength, and endurance (I recommend the Nike Run Club) and have fun while doing it. Getting in some exercise and making time for yourself where all you have to focus on is working hard really clears your brain and releases some great endorphins!

2. Reading for pleasure

Finding an activity that allows you to relax and escape for a little while can be so good for your mental health. For me, that has been reading young adult novels that I never used to have the time for. I am sure many of you relate to this: when I was younger I used to read non-stop and blew through so many book series. Since I started reading again I have felt like a child exploring new worlds and falling in love with new characters. Not only does it enhance your reading skills, but it allows for some escapism to new worlds. If you do not know where to start but like fantasy or young adult series, I recommend the Throne of Glass series!

3. Developing a skincare routine

As someone who has struggled with acne literally my entire life, this one has helped me feel more confident physically and mentally. Taking the time every morning and night to nourish your skin is so relaxing and can even feel like you are at a spa. There are so many amazing (and cheap) skincare products that you can use to feel relaxed and refreshed. The Ordinary or CeraVe are great brands to start with. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love clear skin? When you feel and look your best, you will perform your best!

These are just a few ways to feel on top of your game all of the time and take care of yourself every day. If you start to incorporate activities like this into your everyday life, you will notice a difference in how great you feel and how successful you are.

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