Lindsey: 4 Feelings for BU Move-In 2020


Is it still March? Is Carole Baskin still relevant? Did I really bake banana bread consistently for 3 months? These are all valid questions, however, I’ve come to the realization that it really is August. 

The moment we’ve all been waiting for since we were sent home from our favorite place (aka college) is quickly approaching. It almost feels like it’s a dream, but it’s really happening. Although COVID-19 is still present in America, many of us will be making our way back to Boston, moving into our dorms, and entering this “new normal.”

As a senior at Boston University, I am more than excited to return to my favorite city and see my best friends; however, I have to admit I have some mixed feelings about returning to campus. This is what’s running through my head:


I can’t help but feel excited. I’ve lived in my parents’ house for the last five months (love them, but I’m ready to leave). I also studied abroad in London last semester, and have not seen some of my best college friends since January! I just want to feel independent again.


There’s a lot to do…how will I make sure my roommates are going to practice the COVID-19 guidelines? I haven’t been on a plane since March, and now I need to fly from Los Angeles to Boston on a 6-hour plane ride. I need to quarantine when I get to campus…Ahh!


I’ve been living at home with my family where I’ve felt quite safe. I haven’t left my house much and I’ve been super careful about social distancing and wearing a mask. But now, I’m going to be independent again. I’ll have to do my own grocery shopping and make sure that I’m acting responsibly.


BU re-opening is a big deal. Although BU has many new protocols in place to make sure we have a safe semester, a lot of this is still on us ensuring that we are doing our part as members of the BU community. It is important that we follow the protocols, such as testing regularly and quarantining upon move-in if asked to.

It’s normal to have a lot of feelings about going back to or starting college — I mean, we are living in a global pandemic. However, BU has developed a very detailed plan for our return (check out the Back2BU website) and if we all make an effort to follow these rules, we can have a successful semester at school. 

Starting college during a time like this can be scary. The best thing you can do is communicate! Talk to your roommate about how you’re feeling about starting college and what you’re comfortable with living-wise. We’re all in this together, and we will get through it! 

I’m a senior who’s done move-in three times now! So, email me at if you want to share your concerns or have questions! 🙂

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