Mira: 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for a Positive Feed

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Hey everyone! I wanted to hop on the CA blog and share 5 of my favorite Instagram accounts you can follow to create a more positive feed!

Social media can be really toxic sometimes, but following creators that put out positive, fun and uplifting content can help change your mindset and attitude regarding your everyday life.


This is one of my ALL time favorite accounts! They post really adorable comics about friendship and you HAVE to check them out! The artwork is fantastic and I think that the comics are really cute and clever! The artist, Andres Colmenares, describes his comics as a “visual hug,” which I think is the perfect way to describe them. Super bright and colorful with an overall cheerful vibe, these comics always make me smile whenever they appear on my feed!! 


Really beautiful artwork from this artist! Lots of painted designs, full of deep rich blues and browns and oranges, and it feels very organic due to all the calming warm earthy tones! Not only is the artwork incredibly beautiful, but she always includes uplifting poetic messages that I absolutely LOVE! 


This account is another one of my personal favorites!! The artist, Jaqueline, posts positive and motivational content. Her work is very simple but SO SO cute. She features a lot of adorably drawn animals that cheer you on throughout the week 🙂 I always end up sharing her work on my Instagram stories or sending them to my friends because I think the messages really speak to everybody! 


I love Haley’s account because it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Her posts are positive, but they don’t shy away from the realities of life or things that are currently happening in society. She does a great job of creating artwork that is thought-provoking and nice to see without sugarcoating the negative feelings that we sometimes have. Again, another one of my personal favorites, and anytime I post/share her work, I always get comments from my followers saying they love her too! 


This account has very simple illustrations that are usually accompanied by inspirational, wholesome, and uplifting one-liners. Featuring soft, pretty colors, sometimes they’re as simple as a one-word pun and cute drawing! This account is probably the most minimalistic out of all of the ones I’ve mentioned, but I LOVE it! Definitely a great account to check out if you’re looking for something new to ease into your feed. 

I encourage all of you to take the time to go through your feed and weed out the accounts that aren’t doing anything for you. What you see is what you believe, so it’s important to check your socials every once in a while and follow creators who aren’t bringing you down!

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