Lindsey: 5 Things to Do on Halloween This Year


There is no doubt that this year’s Halloween is not going to be what we expected. Especially for the freshmen, your first Halloween at college isn’t really looking like how it does in the movies. 

But, that’s okay. We just need to get a little creative this year to have a fun Halloween. Here are five ideas for celebrating Halloween during a pandemic:

1) Register for Hasan Saves Halloween (presented by FIWCI & BUSG)

Ok….sublte flex. I work on the FIWCI team, and we created this event to literally save Halloween. So, consider your Halloween plans made. This event is made for BU students (and is only for BU students). Register via Eventbrite today for a night filled with comedy, Halloween movies, and obviously snacks. 

2) Have a movie marathon with your roommate(s)


Half the excitement about Halloween time is having a valid excuse to re-watch Hocus Pocus for the sixth time. Grab your roommates, bake something spooky, and have a Halloween movie marathon. Hocus Pocus is great if you’re feeling nostalgic, but if you’re looking for something new, check out Adam Sandler’s new Halloween movie on Netflix called Hubie Halloween

3) Paint pumpkins 


Another fun activity to do with your roommates is to paint pumpkins. It’s less work (and less messy) than carving pumpkins. All you need are some mini pumpkins (Whole Foods or Target sells them) and a painting kit (you can buy one at Target). Pump up one of the Halloween Spotify playlists and you’re good to go.  

4) Go for a walk in Beacon Hill 


In the fall, Beacon Hill is one of the most beautiful places to stroll. With the leaves changing, the brownstone buildings, and the cute coffee shops, a walk through Beacon Hill the perfect fall activity. If you feel like getting some steps in, it’s a nice walk from BU’s campus (basically you go to Newbury street and through the Boston Public Garden). 

5) Decorate masks


Buy some fabric markers and decorate your mask! You can get creative and spooky. 

While Halloween is different this year, it will not always be like this in the future. Stay safe, healthy, and follow COVID-19 guidelines this weekend. 

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