Maddy: Got Election Stress? Here are Some Tips if You Need a Distraction


Has the election been more of a nailbiter than you were anticipating? Are you literally writhing on the floor and/or shoveling chips into your mouth while the news tells you everything is still too close to call? Here are a few activities you and your roomie(s) can do to distract yourselves from the impending civil war.

Play board games!

While watching the news last night, my roommates and I played several absolutely manic rounds of Clue, and it was a fantastic distraction. It requires just enough focus that you can tune out the news, and if you’re competitive, it can be a great way to get your anger out. We also played Dobble, a picture-matching game that is embarrassingly hard but extremely fun!

Find an empty study lounge in your building and just run around

At another point during the night, we were so anxious that we just need to scream and/or run. Luckily, Stuvi 2’s 26th floor is a big empty lounge with an awesome view, so we did a few laps and kind of rolled around on the floor and then we felt so much better!

If you don’t have a lounge, consider taking a jog outside. The freezing cold will definitely distract you from the insanity that is the 2020 election.


If you have an apartment, this is a great time to bake that cake you’ve been thinking of making. While you’ll have to sit and wait while it’s in the oven, your apartment will be filled with wonderful aromas, and you’ll know you have a yummy treat waiting for you even if the election results go horribly wrong.

Play (or other computer games)

Another addiction in my household is, a computer game notoriously banned from high schools for being so distracting. In the game, you’re a snake surrounded by stars, and you have to eat the stars and kill other snakes, who turn into stars once they die. If you eat enough, you might end up on the leaderboard! This game is very stressful in itself, but luckily if you die in this game you can just start all over again, something we can’t do if we lose the election. 

Hope these tips were helpful! Tune in next time for my blog about how to cope with the next four years, regardless of who wins!

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