Malaika: This One’s for the Music Lovers

5 Spotify Playlists to Help You Get Through Midterms


I can’t believe it’s already November!  In a normal year, November means fall outings, pumpkin patches, apple picking, and gearing up for the family festivities that come with Thanksgiving and Winter Break.

This year, however, November takes on some new meanings. It’s midterm season, perhaps it’s your 8th month at home with family. It’s getting colder, so there are fewer things to do while we continue to stay safe during the pandemic. 

Now, I’ve always had Spotify, but I really didn’t get into curated playlists until quarantine started. Listening to music is a great way to shake up your at-home routine, or a great way to contemplate whatever mood you might be feeling during these times. As we continue through midterm season, you can listen to a playlist while you do homework, study, or when you just need a break. 

Here is my top 5 list of Spotify playlists to get you through the next few weeks (or at least before the holiday music starts playing):

  1. Majestic Casual


Featuring tracks by Tom Misch, Hether, Dameer, Mura Masa and more, this playlist will invoke spark memories and emotions with an eclectic mix of magical sounds. This is a perfect playlist for when you’re trying to relax and get some homework done! Not to mention – it’s a bunch of great new music to explore. 

2. Perfect Havoc: Top Ten


Having a solo dance party in your dorm or childhood bedroom? This is the perfect playlist to play when you want to have fun! It’s a top 10 playlist of new energetic disco hits that updates every Friday! 10/10 recommend adding some of these jams to your go-to dance playlists.

3. The Indie Station by Kitsune Musique


Chill out with this mix of alternative songs curated by Kitsune Musique. Updated monthly, these songs are the best for when you’re taking time to relax after a stressful day.

4. Pollen 


This playlists takes on a new direction from Spotify’s typical themed curations. Pollen is genre-less “quality first” music featuring your favorites like Post Malone and Tyler, The Creator, plus new and upcoming artists. A great choice when you’re looking for some old and some new. 

5. Songs You Can’t Help but Sing Along to


Discovering new music is always great,

but sometimes you might just want to jam to some of your all-time favorites! This playlist is guaranteed to get you smiling and singing loudly along while you’re taking a study break.

Good luck with Midterms and Happy Listening!

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