Meredith: How I’ve Perfected My WFH Setup Over the Semester


By now, many of us have been partaking in online activities for most of the semester. For me, that has meant attending two virtual classes and working from home for my internship for a full workday twice a week. This can lead to a lot of time in my room (or on the couch when I move to the living room for a change of scenery). 

I think there are a few essentials needed for a productive working environment in your room, and I have recently perfected my setup. Here are some tips and tricks that I have enjoyed utilizing!

1) Wrist support for your desk

I recentlygot one of these on Amazon because I started getting bad wrist pain from constantly typing on my laptop. My wrists were at a weird angle from the flatness of my desk, so the wrist rest I purchased props them up at an angle that prevents inflammation. It definitely works well and adds to my comfort when sitting at my desk for long periods of time! 

2) An essential oil diffuser

This is an excellent alternative to candles if you do not want to burn them or are not allowed to. I often use the peppermint or lemongrass scent because they promote productivity and also just make my space smell fresh and clean. I use mine almost every day when I am working in my room because they make my brain feel clear and ready to take on the day.

3) A lap desk

If you are like me and move between your desk, your bed and your couch, you definitely need one of these. There are a ton available on Amazon, and it will make working on your laptop or writing in a notebook so much easier because it gives you a nice flat workspace. If you are more comfortable, you will work better!

4) Decor that relaxes you

There are so many things you can do to make your room a little homier and relaxing. One of my favorite decor pieces in my room is my salt lamp. It creates such calming vibes with its warm light. I also have a little, round desk lamp that changes color and has multiple warm light settings that I love. It is small but it lights up my work area perfectly! My final piece to a perfect setup is a heated blanket. On cold nights, which we are getting more and more of, I plug it in to feel cozy as I do my homework. 

5) Taking care of yourself while working

This is the most important step. It can be easy to get caught up in virtual classes, virtual meetings, and virtual work without nourishing yourself. Keep yourself hydrated with multiple glasses of water and make sure you are eating when you get hungry! Take breaks and go outside for fresh air. Maybe do some quick stretches or meditate. Try and keep your workspace tidy as well so you do not get distracted by the mess. Do whatever it takes for you to feel refreshed in between virtual classes and meetings. 

This is what I have found helps me create a workspace where I feel cozy, comfortable, and productive. Different things work for different people, but if you are feeling lazy in your room, try out some of these tips to vamp up your space!

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