Anika: 5 Handy Zoom Interview Tips

5 Handy Zoom Interview Tips

It’s that time of year again…interview season! From midterms to student org commitments to the fact that we’re still not out of a pandemic, it’s totally normal if your stress levels are running high right now.

No need to stress if you haven’t had the perfect summer internship lined up for months! Keep putting yourself out there, and once you do, here are some of my tips for nailing that Zoom interview:

1) Wear something you feel confident in

Of course you should always dress professionally for an interview, but keep in mind that your interviewer can only see about an eighth of your outfit on Zoom. So, whatever you wear is really more for you than for them! 

Have a favorite sweater that you always feel great in? Maybe there’s a way to style it into an interview-appropriate outfit. Unless the company has a super strict dress code, I think this is a great way to give yourself a little extra reassurance on a stressful day.

2) Practice on Zoom!

Even though it may feel silly, I recommend opening a Zoom meeting room by yourself for 10-15 minutes before your interview and practicing talking about things like your background and why you’re interested in the job. Then, when you log onto the actual Zoom call, there will barely be a difference! 

Also, those awkward stumbles on basic questions will already have been worked through, which can settle your nerves. This is one huge plus of having interviews on Zoom — there’s no way you’d be able to simulate the exact same interview room in person right before your interview!

3) Research the company beforehand

This is a no-brainer, but obviously you should know some basic info about the company you’re applying to! Don’t worry, they won’t expect you to know the ins-and-outs of their business, but if you have specific ideas or opinions about their work, you will stand out. 

It also doesn’t hurt to know a little bit about your interviewer if possible. No need to spend hours stalking their LinkedIn, but just make sure you know their role at the company so you can get a sense of what types of questions to ask them at the end.

4) Have an answer for the dreaded “Any questions for me?”

This question can feel tough. I’ve found it’s good to go into the interview with at least one question I might ask, but that often  gets answered during the interview and something else is discussed that I can ask about. 

It’s hard to think on your feet in a nerve wracking environment, but if you have some initial ideas it’ll be easier to adapt them in the moment than to come up with something completely.

Another tip: if the interview format is more casual, (i.e. more of a back-and-forth conversation), you can also ask questions as you go along. Then, if your mind goes blank at the end, it’s okay because you’ve already shown how curious and insightful you are!

5) As best you can, relax

I know, I know, it’s way easier said than done. 

But I think one plus of the Zoom interview environment is that it’s way less nerve-wracking. You don’t have to wait outside an ominous room in an unfamiliar hallway, nervously make small talk with other candidates, and sit down in a foreign seat pretending you feel right at home. I think the weird feeling of “surrealness” that Zoom often gives us is, in this case, an asset. 

And lastly,

if you feel physical symptoms of stress, you might use it to your advantage by thinking of it as a sign of how invested and excited you are about this opportunity — and that’s a positive thing! Telling yourself to stop freaking out will likely not work, so just take some deep breaths, know you’re prepared, and go kill it! 😉

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