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Tips for Starting Your Own Quarantine Podcast

By: Will Andronico Jr.

Like everyone else in quarantine, I began recording podcasts in my room to pass the time. Specifically (shameless plug!) we created WTBU News Today, a podcast that comes out every day covering news headlines in under eight minutes! We give short recaps on stories for you to start your day with.

We began this podcast last summer as a project for WTBU News, and it turned out to be super useful in staying up to date with all the goings on in the world. However, on top of that, I learned how to record myself well by using tools at my disposal when I’m not in the WTBU Radio studios in COM.

That being said, everyone in COM (or at BU, frankly) can become that guy who started a podcast during the quarantine! So, for those of you who have that spark but don’t know how to start, here are my top five tips for recording a podcast at home.

Use your phone or laptop to record yourself

Not everyone can find or afford a microphone with the highest quality sound out there. I know I didn’t, and I still often use what I have on me: my phone! That pocket microphone records some pretty decent audio for the home-podcaster.

If you’re recording with a group of friends or guests on Zoom, still do this! The audio quality is generally better if everyone records themselves separately on their phones. It’s a little extra work to sync the audio up later in the editing process, but your listeners (a.k.a., your mom) will thank you!

Find a small, quiet space that isn’t your bathroom

Unfortunately, your bathroom is much too echo-y to record in. I recommend the closet as your best bet, as the clothes will catch much of your stray sounds! If you don’t have a space like a closet or small room, a blanket over your head also works!

Get comfortable when you record

If you’re not comfortable when recording, you won’t sound very enthusiastic on the listener’s end. I recommend standing (or sitting up) so you can breathe properly. Sound the best you can be without sounding out of breath!

Get close to the microphone on your phone, but not too close!

Test your phone microphone’s capabilities beforehand. Find the spot where you aren’t so far away that you’re too quiet, and get progressively closer to the microphone until you start to peak (a.k.a., your recording gets distorted). Move about a foot back from there, and you should be set!

Adobe Audition is your friend!

As COM students, you have access to all of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite – use it! Adobe Audition is a fantastic digital audio workstation that’s easy to use, and plenty of tutorials are available on Adobe’s site, YouTube and Reddit.

Alright, now go start the podcast of your dreams, and @ me in the promo tweet (@andronicowill).

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