Malaika: The Last Hurrah!

The end of an era. the start of something new. 

Warning: this is a sappy post. How could it not be? I’m graduating college ?!?! 

In the blink of an eye, 2017 became 2021. It feels sudden – but, I’ve made a lifetime of memories in my four years. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried. I’ve struggled and I’ve accomplished.

As I sit down to write my last COM Ambassador blog, I want to reflect back on the moments and people that made my Boston University experience special:

Orientation, Summer 2017

When I flew to Boston, I didn’t know what to expect or who I’d meet. I remember my Uber driver giving me a backseat tour of the city, pointing out the river and explaining Bostonians’ deep love (and dare I say obsession) with Dunkin Donuts. She dropped me off in front of the West Campus dorms, and I nervously checked in to what would be one of the best weeks of my life. Minutes after arriving, I met one of my best friends, Nadia. She was my Orientation neighbor and saw me fumbling with my keys at the door. She called out to me and said, “hey, want to go get breakfast?” Now, I had no clue who this stranger was, but I said yes. And thus, the start of our incredible friendship. That week, I met our other friends, Mercedes and Simeon who have been absolute rocks for me. The four of us have had the best of times, from Warren Late Night to The Script and beyond! I couldn’t have made it through the last four years without them. 


Warren Towers 10C 

Nor, could I have made it through college without my 10C family. Most people make maybe 1 or 2 friends on their freshman year floor, but I was lucky enough to make 20. Yes – 20 (probably even more honestly). Thinking back it’s funny that at our first floor meeting, none of us made eye contact with each other. A week later, we were taking late night strolls through downtown Boston and racing each other up and down our floor. I don’t know how many people dream about getting along with their entire dorm floor, but let me tell you it was a hoot. There was always someone around to have deep, late night conversations with. Or to make mac and cheese with you. Or even to go to Regal and watch a movie at 1 a.m. 


My Alternative Spring Break Trip to Mississippi

I could write a book about this trip – it was one the most wild, crazy, insane experiences of my life. But it was also rewarding. I packed up in a van with 8 strangers and drove down to Natchez, Mississippi to volunteer at a local school and social services center for spring break. What I loved most about the trip was (probably, obviously) the children. I’ll never forget one girl in particular – who dreamed about being a fashion designer and told me she wanted to make my dress if I ever won an Oscar. Keeping that one in mind — she was a rockstar. M3

BUTV10 was the best decision I ever made as a freshman. Admittedly, when I started writing – for Shadows at the time, I had no clue what I was doing. But, I quickly learned, and was able to “climb the ladder,” so to speak, to be the General Manager of the station. I’m lucky to have been part of many productions, which all hold a special place in my heart. Especially, From a Distance: BUTV10 Variety Hour. Shoutout to Guy Jackson for suggesting we make this show. It’s been my favorite experience at COM to date. Mainly because we got to interview several notable BU alumni including Ginnifer Goodwin, Russell Hornsby, and Andy Cohen! What made this production special, though, was that we brought 12,000 viewers together virtually to celebrate student talent, creativity, and resilience during the pandemic. 


COM <3 

Last but certainly not least, COM. Thank you to everyone – COM Ambassadors, my professors, COM Undergraduate Affairs, the incredible Engineers, FPS, Facilities, and many many more. This school was the best decision I ever made, and that’s because I got to meet and work with all of you.

Bye for now, 

CA Malaika 


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