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BU is definitely a pretty large campus with many spots to study at. Whether you enjoy the lively buzz of a coffee shop or the quiet of a library, there is definitely something for everyone. Over my almost two years here, I’ve studied or done homework in almost every place I can think of (mostly because I get bored of studying somewhere too often.)

So, here are my top five BU study spots! 

  1. Mugar Memorial Library

Mugar is great for when you really need to get in the zone. As you go up every floor, it’s supposed to be quieter (although some people on Reddit have complained about the lack of understanding this.) 

What’s nice about Mugar is that no spot is exactly the same –– some areas provide more seclusion, while others (like the basement) allow for more interaction. There are also some spots with some really great views! 

  1. StuVi 2 26th Floor Study Lounge

As a StuVi 2 resident myself, I definitely do not take advantage of our top floor study lounge enough. With windows around the entire room, it provides a breathtaking view of Boston and the Charles River. 

I like this lounge because it isn’t too quiet, but it’s never too rowdy. It’s a great option for people who live in West campus and don’t want to walk all the way to East campus to do work at night. 

  1. Buick Street Market

Honestly, I didn’t even know that Buick existed until well into freshman year. Buick is another great West campus study spot, especially because you have direct access to the Dunkin and snacks whenever you want! People are usually pretty quiet, and there are also lots of outlets around to use. 

  1. George Sherman Union

As someone who enjoys a lively buzz surrounding me when I’m studying, I can’t recommend the GSU enough. It’s perfect to sit at in between classes to grab lunch and work on some homework. I also always end up seeing people I know there, so it can always keep things fun socially. 

With so many different places to eat inside, it’s super convenient to go there for a meal or even study there all day. Make sure to avoid going during peak rush times though, or it’ll be super hard to get a table!

  1. Questrom Starbucks

The Questrom Starbucks is great for morning or afternoon study sessions. First of all, being in Questrom always makes me feel cool because it’s so nice inside. Second of all, such close proximity to caffeine is always a plus.

Although this spot is a bit smaller, it’s definitely an amazing place to study with friends or do work before/in between classes if you have the time! You might think that this is an odd choice for the number one spot, but there’s something about the vibe and buzz of the place that makes it most appealing! 


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