Suzanne C: Congratulations to the Incoming Class of 2026!

Congratulations to the Incoming Class of 2026!!

Congratulations to everyone who just received their acceptance from Boston University (and also to the early decision applicants who received it previously)!! We are so excited to welcome y’all!

It’s so crazy for me to think that I decided I wanted to go to BU and received my
acceptance over three years ago — the time has gone by so fast! I’m usually an indecisive person, but one thing that wasn’t hard for me to decide was where I wanted to go to college.

I toured BU the summer before my junior year of high school basically by chance
because, at that point, I thought I wanted to go to college in New York City. I flew into Boston for a tap dance intensive in Vermont, so I thought I might as well tour a few colleges while I was in the city. I didn’t know much about BU before the tour, but my tour guide was amazing, and it was the best college tour I’ve been on!

Flash forward a year to the beginning of my senior year when I was starting to apply to colleges. Although I still had it in my head that I wanted to move to New York City, I couldn’t ignore how much I loved my BU tour. So, I took a quick weekend trip to Boston to tour BU again and also tour the College of Communication (definitely a full circle moment because I now give tours of COM)! During this trip, it was clear to me that I loved Boston and that BU was the
school for me.

I applied to BU early decision because I was absolutely sure of my decision. When the decisions came out, I was so nervous about opening mine that I waited a bit. When I finally opened my decision and saw that I was accepted, it was one of the most exciting moments of my life! I couldn’t wait to be in Boston, meet new people, and learn about journalism at one of the
best programs in the country!

I know many people currently at BU had similar experiences of excitement when opening their acceptance letters, and I hope people in the incoming class of 2026 also did too! Being from Texas, coming to school in Boston was a huge leap for me that wasn’t easy, but I’m so glad I did it!

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