It’s that time of the year when you are so used to college life, living in your dorm, reminiscing the time when you first moved in, and have an idea of how things work on campus. Except this also means that it’s the end of the semester, meaning that finals are just around the corner. 


First of all, woah, one year went by SO FAST.

Second, what do I do?! 

Take a deep breath and settle down. Don’t panic

For some of you, you probably already know what finals are like from experience and know-how to prepare for the exam(s), but for those that are unfamiliar with it still, no worries.

Follow these tips and I’m sure they will help you get through the season. 

  • Plan out a schedule.

I’m not sure if you’ve done the MBTI test, but I’m a very “J” person. I love to plan things accordingly, and I NEED to plan out everything for the day or even the week. Whether you’re like me or not I cannot emphasize enough that it is VERY helpful to plan out your study schedule and break your studying each day. It’s important to get prepared and know in-depth all the materials before your exam, so I highly recommend writing down the topics you need to cover for the day. Though all-nighters can work for some people, you’re still exhausted. It’s important to take a break and study little by little. I promise, all the information will just be in your brain if you follow this.


This is another key tip I want to point out. SLEEP. Literally, just sleep. It’s SO important to have a good night’s rest and sleep, especially the day before your exam. Not only will information be remembered longer, but you WON’T be EXHAUSTED. When you get a good sleeping schedule, you’ll be able to focus more during the exam and won’t have to worry about your eyes slowly closing, eventually leading you to drowse off. You’ll be in a better mood, remember information better, and you’ll ace your exam.

  • Bye-bye phone.

I know this is very difficult. Even for me, it’s difficult to get off my phone and say “OK. Let’s start now.” I always procrastinate and it’s mostly because of electronic devices. Once you get on that device, you’ll be thinking “OK. Five more minutes.” It’s better to shut it off or place it somewhere else where you won’t be able to find it. Without it, you’ll be able to focus more on your work and actually get the studying that needs to be done. You’ll be concentrating in no time. 

  • Love the Vibe!

Are you into cafes? Libraries? The Dining Hall? Whatever place you’re comfortable in, it’s a good strategy to study in an area where you’re able to concentrate and get your studying in. You’re environment also affects your working habits, so it is good to have a favorite studying location. Let’s say you like studying at cafes. You can get coffee, “study” with other people that are working like you, and you won’t be tempted to go to your bed since you’re not at home. Trust me, where you’re studying is important!

  • Lastly, don’t stress!

Don’t stress about your finals! Trust me, it’s not worth it. You’ll do amazing. If you just complete the studying that you have to do little by little, you’ll be finished in no time. Studying under stress can stress you out even more, and it’s better to study without it! You’ll be focused and will retain the information longer.

I hope these tips will help you! 

Again, don’t worry. You’ll do great for your final exams and soon, the week will be flying in no time.

Have a wonderful summer and happy studying!


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