Evan B: On Starting My Senior Year… Just A Few Things I’ve Learned During My Time In College (So Far)!

Hi everyone! It’s CA Evan, your favorite Media Science to Public Relations major who now wants to pursue… theatre management?!?!?! These past three years in Boston have been quite an adventure, and as my fourth, and sadly, final year is just beginning, I wanted to share just a few of the things I’ve learned so far!

Try new things!
There’s so much to do not only in COM, but around BU and Boston, and the world, too! Some of my favorite memories I’ve made at BU so far have been when I tried something that I never thought I’d be interested in, like joining BUTV10’s Bay State as an actor or the Dance Theatre Group. While I won’t have the time to study abroad before I graduate (I’d need an 8th or 9th
day in the week to make that happen), so many of my friends who have absolutely loved their experience! BU has so much to offer, and you may not even see it until you start looking. Nothing is ever set in stone, and there is so much time to try all of the things you love, or may not think you’ll love at first, either!

Do what you love!
Before I came to BU, I had always thought I’d pursue healthcare communications, and never pictured it any different. Well, after beginning the Media Science curriculum and soon learning that wasn’t quite what I’d wanted, I changed my major to Public Relations one day before my Sophomore spring began! And, after one more year, I changed my career focus again, this time to theatre production management, realizing theatre is really what I love and want to do in my
life. I know I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without taking each of those steps, all of which had something to do with what I loved and what my goals are. And, I know all of those experiences have made me so happy– I don’t think I would feel the same if I hadn’t always followed my heart my entire time at BU!

Don’t be afraid to think– and step outside of– the box!
Is there a club you want to join on campus but don’t see? You can make it! Do you want to learn more about something related to your major but don’t see a class about it? You can work with a Faculty Mentor on a Directed Study, research, or even COMLab! One of the best things about going to a big school in a city is that there are always opportunities for you to explore, even if it means having to look a bit harder for them 😉

Have (so much) fun!
College is honestly such a fun experience, and these four years can go by super fast! Whether you’re exploring Boston or revisiting one of your favorite spots, or making new friends or having a movie night with some of your best friends, make the most of everything and have fun!

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