Tom: August, the Month of Intense Packing

Hey guys! The month of July is shortly coming to a close which only means one thing… August is right around the corner. Before you know it, you guys will be new freshmen here in the fall moving in to Warren Towers, using your dining points for the first time at the GSU, and pulling all-nighters to push yourself through finals.

While spending the end of my summer in Boston, I’m using most of August prepping for when I direct my first show, All Shook Up, in the fall. But for all you new terriers, I know you will be spending August trying to decide what to pack for what will become your new home for the next year.

Regardless of if you live in Warren, West, or some random brownstone on campus, all college freshmen need the same things. Here’s a tip guide to walk you step by step through the packing process so grab your nearest parent and their wallet and get ready to shop! Most of the things below can either be bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond or similar retailer (Target can be super helpful as well), or can be bought at BU Barnes & Noble on campus for those of you far away.

1) Outfitting Your New Room – The most important place to start is to fix up your new bedroom. You’ll need all the necessities: pillows, comforter (Extra-Long Twin!) and sheets. You should definitely invest in getting a good mattress pad – you can use it all four years and it will keep you super comfortable for all those times when you just need a good night’s sleep. Pick a color and design that you like for your bedspread and match it with wall decorations that will make your new room as much like home as you can.

2) All the Extras – In addition to the necessities, a few small things throughout the room will really make your room perfect. A fan, alarm clock, and trash basket will go a long way. A fan will help you stay cool throughout some hot days in September. Although most people use their phone, I would invest in an alarm clock for all those times you drop your phone and are helpless until the apple store has an available appointment. A trash basket for… well trash.

3) Bathroom Essentials – Chances are, most of you will be sharing a common bathroom with your floor. As horrifying as it may sound for you clean freaks out there, trust me you’ll be fine. Invest in a shower caddy, a bunch of big bath towels, and some shower shoes (cheap Old Navy $2 flip flops go a long way) and you’ll survive sharing your first bathroom just fine.

4) Noms, Noms, Noms – What food to pack!? A key question for every freshmen coming in. Really – it’s up to you. It’s hard to advise students here because everyone is so different. Personally, I try not to fill my room with food since I spend most of my time heading to the dining hall to eat. If you think you’re someone who likes to stay home and have your own time, I’d definitely get some food for your room. But if you think you’ll be out and about most of the day, I’d say keep the snacks to a minimum. Tip: Ramen Noodles are a great purchase to break out for when you are stuck inside with a cold. Also – a brita filter goes a long way to keep you hydrated late at night.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to tweet me up (@tschrank) or shoot me an email throughout August and I’ll help you on the packing hunt, or any other things that may come up. Have a great end to another wonderful summer!