Julianna: Venturing Out

Well, it’s happening. I am in the second semester of my senior year. As expected there are a lot of emotions going on at this time –– a sense of “calm before the storm” before job applications and graduation roll in. Then there are serious bouts of nostalgia –– remember that time during sophomore year when we saw Chairlift at Brighton Music Hall or all the fun, bizarre nights we had on 11C? Above all, I am motivated to do and see as much of the Boston area before the semester runs out. Luckily, I have a lot of free time (the first semester ever since coming to BU). Some of my must-do’s are to check out Inman Square in Cambridge, spend a leisurely afternoon at the MFA and go to Howl at the Moon with my friends.


On a recent Sunday my friend and I explored Davis Square in Somerville, which is the second-to-last stop on the Red Line before Alewife. I pretty much adore the Red Line because it runs through my favorite spots in Cambridge: Kendall, Central and Harvard Squares. I have heard a lot buzz about Davis Square (and Somerville overall) for some time in terms of it’s eclectic dining options and growing “hipsterism.” We walked along Elm Street and browsed through racks at Buffalo Exchange and other clothing stores. Then we left the square and strolled along College Avenue to get a look at Tufts University. Since it was a frigid day we decided against going onto Tufts campus, and instead headed back to Davis Square to Diesel Cafe. This is the best cafe that I have been to in a while. First of all, Diesel was packed with people –– local students hovering over books and laptops, young families pushing strollers and groups of friends stuffed into four-person booths. Diesel has pool tables, a photo booth (which seemed to be out-of-order) and two, open-air rooms. We each ordered the “Monkey Wrench,” which had turkey, avocado, cheddar cheese, greens and other fixings on a baguette. I also sipped from a mug of perfectly spicy chai tea latte. We ended our afternoon in Davis Square without any knowledge of a Winter Vintage Market that occurred that very day at the Arts Armory. Of course, we can look forward to the springtime for the reappearance of markets (outdoor!) in the Boston area.

Steph: Big City, Big Opportunities

Steph ImageOne of the biggest factors I considered when looking for the perfect school was location. Early on in my search, I was convinced that I wanted a secluded campus with lots of lawns, brick, and vines. However, that quickly changed once I arrived on Boston University’s campus. For me, BU was the perfect combination: it had that collegiate, campus feeling while being in the middle of a big, exciting city. Once I walked down Comm Ave for the first time, I decided that with my eyes set on a degree in Communication, I couldn’t pass up all the amazing opportunities being in a big city would offer me.

Almost a year later (I can’t believe its gone by so fast), I’m absolutely positive that my decision was the right one. The fact is, through BU, COM, and the prime location, I have had so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had if I had chosen a different school in a different location.

Last night, my friend Anneliese and I hopped on the T right outside of our dorm and rode over the river to Cambridge. We were on our way to see a special screening of the movie Boy, a New Zealand film by director Taika Waititi, who also wrote and starred in it. Immediately following the screening, Waititi was there to do a Q&A. This was no ordinary night for Anneliese. Waititi is her favorite filmmaker, and inspired her love for the tiny country of New Zealand. Through the COM Study Abroad program, Anneliese plans on studying abroad there while having an internship in Film and TV. Because Boston is such a major city in the US, many filmmakers set their eyes on it for screenings and to help get the word out. Anneliese never thought that in her first year at college, she’d get the change to interview her favorite filmmaker from New Zealand. After contacting Waititi through Twitter, Anneliese was promised an interview with him after the screening for the profile she is writing on him for The Buzz, BU’s magazine.

Putting her COM 201 Writing for Communication skills to work, Anneliese dominated the Q&A and impressed Waititi with her professional questions. The producer of the film was also there, and approached us after the session. “Are you doing an article?” he asked her, clearly noticing the preparation and care had gone into her questions. She explained that she’s writing a profile for BU, and the producer instantly offered to give Anneliese Waititi’s contact information so that she could get the rest of her questions answered. While we were calm, collected, and professional on the outside, on the inside, we were BURSTING with excitement. She even got a kiss on the cheek from Waititi!

This is just one example of the incredible opportunities that come with studying in a major city. One more quick one: this past week, there was a pilot for a new ABC show filming—right on campus! Especially as a COM student, getting the chance to really put yourself out there and gain hands on experience in what you are studying is essential. COM encourages it, and so do I!

Come see for yourself how awesome it is to go to school in Boston—our COM Open Houses for admitted students are April 14th and 21st. Hope to see you there!