Lauren: The Perks of Being a Rep

Lauren ImageHello everyone!  I’m so excited to be a new COM ambassador and I can’t wait to share my thoughts and experiences with all of you!  My time at BU has been amazing so far, and I’ve truly enjoyed every minute!  What’s so exciting about this school is that there are always job and internship opportunities, not only within the BU community, but throughout Boston as well!  Recently, I’ve had the chance to serve as a BU Campus Rep for American Eagle Outfitters, and I’ve discovered just how much fun I can have while gaining real, hands-on experience with advertising and promotions!

Being a campus representative is definitely a great way to get involved!  I work for the Youth LaurenMarketing Connection AE Student Union program and I’m mainly responsible for helping to plan and attend all the free giveaways that we have around campus.  Part of my job also involves promoting these upcoming events through the program’s Facebook page, AE Student Union at Boston University, and my own personal Twitter and Facebook accounts.  My job has also given me the opportunity to gain more knowledge about social media!  I’m proud to say that the official American Eagle Co. Twitter account, @american_eagle, recently tweeted back at me after I wrote about one of the AE Student Union events!  I felt like such a celebrity!

The AE reps at BU are always holding giveaways on campus, like the “New Year, New You” event that happened this January at the Fitness and Recreation Center and the “Aerie Undie Gram Giveaway” we had for Valentine’s Day! We’re also busy now planning a ton of upcoming events, like the “Break Away Spring Break Giveaway” (where we’ll be giving away colorful sunglasses and t-shirts) and the “Break into Spring Campus Hunt” (where we’ll be hiding tons of gifts all around campus for lucky individuals to find)! I love working at these events and getting the opportunity to meet all kinds of BU students!

My favorite part of my job, however, is getting free AE gear!  I’ve received comfy American Eagle scarves, flip flops, water bottles, Frisbees, coupons, gift cards and more!  I have to say it’s a pretty nice deal!Lauren 2

But it’s not all fun and games!  The campus representatives are also responsible for creating and executing a marketing plan.  Although this can be difficult, learning about what it takes to make a marketing plan is an important skill that will definitely help me in my future career!  This opportunity has given me the chance to get real event planning, marketing, advertising and promotional experience.  The time commitment hasn’t been too overwhelming so far, and this job looks great on my resume too!  I definitely suggest that students, especially those majoring in Public Relations, Advertising or Mass Communication, look into getting campus representative positions!  You can go to the BU Career Link or the Job Board Listing on Student Link to check for any new opportunities!