Jason: Countdown to the Finish!

It may be snowy here in Boston, but things are heating up for me at BU! As I mentioned in previous post this is my last semester– so anyone who knows of any job openings… Just kidding. But I’ve started to solidify my post college plans and so far things are looking pretty good.
Right now the most exciting thing in the way of what I’ll be doing after BU is my recent acceptance for an internship at CBS News! I still don’t know my placement in the big world of CBS but it’s still very exciting to have been offered this opportunity.
This semester I’m going a little out of my comfort zone and taking a couple business classes. One class, TV to Tablets, focuses on how the television and film industries are using new media to promote their products. The second class, Media Entrepreneurship is very unique class. I’ll actually be creating a business plan and a pitch that could turn into a real business!
For now I’ll end with a little self promotion. If you’re interested in some of the work I’ve been doing check out my new website, jasonkashdan.com. Comment at the end of this post if you guys have any feedback. I’d love to hear it!
Thanks and stay tuned for more later in the semester! And as always make sure you’re checking up for the newest episode of COMlife.

Alexa: Tips for Your COMlife Audition

Alexa ImageHey everyone! Hope the summer is treating all of you well! While you anxiously anticipate your first year at Boston University you might decide to take a chance at auditioning to be a part of our school’s webseries COMlife (yay!). Being a part of the show is great and I wanted to give you guys some insider tips on the audition video process!

1.      Be creative

In your video, it’s important to stand out and talk about (or show the producers) what makes you different. The people casting the series watch a ton of videos and if you are creative (ie. not just stand in front of your video camera) you’ll make a big impression.

2.      Have fun

I know this should go without saying but have fun in your video! The concept of the series is to show current/prospective students the fun and exciting life of a BU COM student. If you don’t look like you’re enjoying making the video, it’s hard to believe you’ll enjoy being a part of the series.

3.      Tell your story.

What makes you, you? Tell us who you are by making yourself relateable to others. For instance, I was very involved in basketball in highschool so I talked about myself as an athlete and even recorded myself shooting around.

4.      Be yourself

I know this is the most cliché’, but it’s so true. In your audition video act like your normal, everyday, awesome self and everything will work out for the best!

Quick tip: Keep your audition video close to the allotted time. You can get your point across without spending 20 minutes doing so.

Good luck to everyone auditioning and if you have any last minute questions feel free to email me, alexa111@bu.edu.

Have a great rest of the summer!