Lauren: Interviews Galore!

Have a big interview coming up for a job or internship?  Don’t stress!  Here are some tips on how to make an awesome first impression without having a minor heart attack in the process.

1. Do some research beforehand

Make sure you know about the company before you walk into your interview!  It will make you look professional and dedicated if you mention that you recently saw an article about the company in the news.  Also, think about what kind of questions they might ask you and how you would answer them!  And come prepared with some of your own questions to ask them at the end of the interview!

2. Dress professionally

Pick out your outfit the night before so that you won’t have to stress about it in the morning.  Even if you know that many employees wear jeans to work, still dress professionally!  They’ve earned the right to dress that way after working for the company for 10 years, you haven’t!  If you need some fashion advice, the BU Center for Career Development has some great tips for how to dress for an interview!  Check it out!

3. Arrive early and come prepared

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview, that way when you come in you won’t look stressed or out of breath.  Punctuality is key, and a company won’t hire you if they don’t think you’re reliable.  Nothing looks worse than strolling in 10 minutes late!  And don’t forget business cards and copies of your resume!

4. Relax and look interested

Take a deep breath and try to calm your nerves right before you go in!  Give the person interviewing you a firm handshake when you’re introduced, and make eye contact with them throughout the interview.  Nod your head and really pay attention to what they’re saying.  Show them that you’re interested and passionate about the position.  Body language is crucial- sit up straight and smile!  And take a second to think before answering a question so that you sound clear and well-spoken.

5. Talk yourself up

Remember, if you got to the interviewing process, they must have seen something in you that they liked!  Have confidence in yourself and remember that it’s alright to brag!  Be proud of your past accomplishments, and tell them how your experience and skills would make you a perfect fit for the company.  This is your chance to make a great first impression and show them just how wonderful you are!

6. Thank them afterward

Make sure at the end of the interview that you thank them for their time.  These people are very busy, and took time out of their day to give you a chance!  A handwritten thank you note or email is the perfect way to show how thankful you are!  Follow up and try to stay in touch-never underestimate the importance of networking and making connections!

If you’re looking for more tips, The Center for Career Development is a great resource for everything and anything relating to jobs, internships, networking and interviews!  Check out their website and take a look at their calendar for information about upcoming workshops and networking events!

Good luck!