Jason: The BU Ski Club

Jason ImageSo as most of you guys know, this has been a pretty strange winter. There have been record highs across the nation, and every state has noted (with the exception of Alaska) of the lack of snow.

Well this is a real problem for skiers like me. We all know that when it’s cold enough, the resorts can make snow but that’s just not the same. Not all mountains have the capacity to make snow though! That’s left a lot of resorts with a lot less money this season. But let’s be honest, any mountain in the Boston area really isn’t going to be that great anyway. (I phrase it that way because I have never been skiing in MA but us skiers who have been skiing since they could walk get the idea)

But don’t fret! There are options to escape the smaller mountains that bless the great state of Massachusetts. If you don’t have the time or energy to commit to the ski team, the BU ski club is for you! I’ve been a proud member for two years now so let me tell you a little bit about it.

We have a bunch of trips through out the year, starting with the Killington trip in the first weekend in December. We stay at these awesome condos right at the base of the mountain and for those of you who haven’t been to the mountain before, it’s one of my favorites in New England. (Stratton is my home base where I spent some time with the freestyle tream) The Killington trip’s got nothing on the trip I’m going on this weekend. This weekend we’re bussing off to Quebec for four days! We ski at Mt. St Anne and Le Massif. It’s still not like skiing out west, but definitely better than anything around here. Other than the skiing, I’m definitely looking forward to reviving my Quebecois French and many rounds of poutine.

Our other big trip is to Sugarloaf in the spring and we’ll sometimes take sporadic day trips to VT. If the BU Ski club aren’t enough for you, an outside company called New England Snow Bus has trips to Stratton, Killington, or Okemo almost every weekend.

If you guys are interested, I put the links for the Ski Club and NESB below. Hope you all get some skiing in during the long weekend!

BU Ski Club: http://people.bu.edu/skiclub/

New England Snow Bus: http://www.newenglandsnowbus.com/index.html