Lilah: Our COMmunity

When I first took my tour of COM, the tour guides said, “at COM, we create friendships, because we know that in the future, we’ll all be working together.” This was one of the main reasons I came to BU. Although I can be extremely competitive at Mariokart, I wanted to be friends with the people I worked with in college. Competitive, dog-eat-dog environments did not appeal to me, and I wanted to form connections that would last me a lifetime.

Out of all the things I learned about BU before coming here, that has rung true every day. I am currently working on four team projects simultaneously. From pitches to sets, as a film and television major, I am constantly having to While that may seem daunting, working with other students at COM is not. We all are so motivated, which inspires others. We do not need to beat each other down in order to bring others up. All of us are aware of how hard people work at COM. So, the general feeling is, no one wants to let their classmates down. Collaboration is such a key element to succeeding here. Currently, I am directing for Hothouse Productions, our student-run, client-driven production company. Especially as a leader, you have to hear everyone out, and respect everyone.

It is my last year in Boston, because I am graduating early. So, below I wrote some tips and lessons I have learned while studying here.



Be patient.
If there’s anything that’s needed in a team, it’s for everyone to be understanding. People work at different paces, so figure out how to divvy up the work so everyone is comfortable!

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas.
My confidence has grown throughout the years in COM. My freshman year, I was so nervous to share my own ideas, because I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Now, I have the gusto to be proud of my own creativity, while still collaborating with others.

Be kind, and find those who you work best with.

Friends work with friends. If you prove that you’re a good teammate, people will want to work with you later on. Eventually, you find the people who you get along with best. Not just the people who are the best at what they do, but who you can also can crack a joke with during breaks.

While this is all a ball of cheese, I couldn’t be more thankful for the community in COM. 

Lilah: Finding Your Home

When I first came to Boston University, I thought I was a tough girl, a tough cookie, a tough macaron. I had finished high school which meant I was the top of the top. I didn’t need anyone or anything. I was headed straight to fame, baby.

I tried to make it through my first year without returning home. After all, I was a very cool freshman. I made it pretty far. Well, LISTEN UP! Throughout my first two years here, I have learned that the most important thing is to be honest with yourself. If you cannot make it through the entire year without some kind of getaway, it’s okay. Make sure you have a happy place that you can go to if times get stressful. For me, I knew that my happy place was on my pond at home around the evening, even if I didn’t want to admit it. Good ol’ Mother Nature is rare around here, and home is always there to welcome me.

Whether your home is far or close, it is important that you take time for yourself. It is easy to be caught in the fast-paced schoolwork, clubs, and work that flies your way every week. Especially as the holidays roll through, or school gets tough, your home can be an escape. If Boston is your true home, But, maybe you have a fluffy little puppy (like me) that you can snuggle with. Other than the rats and bunnies, there aren’t many furry creatures to pet around campus.

Call your parents! Your family is probably aching without their sweet little darling. They would love an update, and it’s important to get advice from the people who know you best. Getting out of the bubble takes effort, but when you do, you can clear your mind.

The point is, I am not a tough macaron all the time. I go home sometimes so that I can enjoy Boston in the way it deserves. After all, it is an amazing city. For me, if I have to find some nature on the spot, I’ll go to the Arboretum, or the Charles River. Remember to find what you like in the city, and get outside the bubble once in a while. Now, I'm a tough cookie... who also likes to hug her mom once in a while.