Aidan: Branching Out For Second Semester

When I got home for the first Winter Break of my college experience, I reflected upon my first semester as a Freshman with a feeling of great content. I had found a great club (BU On Broadway, a musical theatre group . . . not to push it or anything) that yielded me a wonderful group of friends and an amazing freshman experience. I became so involved in the group time-wise my first semester that I started to think of the opportunities I didn’t take when I started out at BU. To combat this, I decided to make my second semester one of new experiences, clubs, and opportunities. Here is some advice I would give to anybody who wants to freshen up his or her second semester:

1. Give that other club another go.

Remember all the organizations you signed up to join at Splash? Like me, you probably didn’t stick with the majority of activities you went to info sessions for. This second semester, reflect on one standout organization that really impressed you, but you didn’t follow through on. Get info, and give it one more go. It can turn out to be a worthwhile investment of your time.

 2. Don’t be afraid to give it your all

A lot of the groups that will have the most impact on your life will at first seem the most demanding and selective. Also, you may not get the role in the organization that you want right off the bat. That’s okay. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” right? Stick with it. After a semester, people in that group will know you and your abilities, and you will be more likely to be doing the cooler stuff. And a side note: if you know you have the skills to get any job done, make that known, and show them how it is done.

 3. You don’t have to completely abandon what you already know and love

So, you found a great club your first shot at bat in first semester. Dude, that’s totally great, and I feel for you. Just because you want to branch out doesn’t mean you need to leave it behind. Stay involved, even if in a small role. It will keep you engaged and up to date, and means you can return to it full force at some other time and not be rusty.