Dany: Music, Concerts, and Shows, Oh My!

Hey guys! Hope your semester is going well. I know we’re reaching that midway point where everything starts to pile on and get really stressful. So what’s keeping me going these days? Well I’ll tell you. One of my favorite things about Boston is the incredible music scene. So many fantastic bands and artists come through here and I love going to shows and checking out new venues. The promise of seeing my favorite band is an incredible motivation to keep going during this time of the year. Here a few upcoming concerts in the Boston area that I’m looking forward to.

Freelance Whales – November 3 @ Paradise Rock Club

This is literally one of my favorite bands. They’re not too well-known but I highly recommend checking them out. Anyone heard of Darren Criss? His brother Chuck is in this band! They were here last November too and I met him after the show. Cool guy. They just released their second album a few weeks back which I was able to download for free when I bought my ticket to this show. Listen to “Hannah” and “Starring” and “Generator (Second Floor)” to get you started. You’ll love them.

The Script – November 9 @ Agganis Arena

A little more mainstream and right at home! I work at Agganis as a Guest Services Representative so I’ll actually be getting paid to watch this concert. Gotta love those perks. The couple songs I have from them I absolutely love and I hear they are fantastic live. So if any of you guys are going, I’ll be working the floor and you should definitely come say hi!

Motion City Soundtrack – November 9 @ Paradise Rock Club

Oh this band reminds me of high school. Their album “Even If It Kills Me” was played nonstop for a good four months during junior year. It drove everyone crazy but this is one of those throwback bands that I still love to go see. They just have a very distinct style. I’m not as crazy about their newer stuff than their old albums but I love them just the same. Unfortunately, it’s the same night as The Script (and right next door too!). I’ve seen them before though so no harm done. So if you guys are looking for something to do that weekend, look no further than West Campus!

Of Monsters and Men – November 19 @ Orpheum Theater

I fell in love with this band over the summer. Just so refreshingly different from the indie/rock genre. This band is really picking up speed. Orpheum is a really nice theater right next to Boston Common. I saw Snow Patrol (with Ed Sheeran opening!) there back in April. When I heard that’s where they would be playing, I got really excited cause they definitely have the talent to sell it out. I still haven’t bought my tickets yet for this but I’m dying to go. Check out “Little Talks” and “King and Lionheart”. My personal favorites.

The Killers – December 17 @ Agganis Arena

Another concert I will get paid to watch. I’ve been listening and loving them for years, and I’m so stoked to work this event. I’ll still be here for finals so if anyone of you are in the area, don’t miss out. It’s really going to be a fantastic show. If anyone can deliver an unforgettable modern rock concert, it’s The Killers.

So there you have it! A little something to keep you going in these next few weeks. At the very least, you have some awesome new music to check out. If anyone knows any other shows coming up, let me know. I’m always down to check out new artists. And if you ever see me rocking out at any of these, come join me!