Alexa: The Registration Process

Registration is one of the most magical and yet one of the most terrifying things a student will go through every semester. Here’s why:

1.There are so many classes to choose from.

Should I take Psychology of Sport or should I take Philosophy of Sport? What level of history should I take? Should I take Nutrition or Astrology? BU is a big school so there are so many different classes to choose from, which of course is a blessing but also a little bit of a curse.

2. You can’t go to sleep because you are terrified that you will miss your registration time.

This is more important than waking up at 7 AM on Christmas morning, or your birthday. There are many situations where you can over sleep, apologize and it will all be fine. This is not one of those times. To prepare for registration I like to strategically set 7 alarms on my phone in 10-minute intervals. I figure one HAS to trigger my brain to wake up.

3. You wake up in a state of panic during the middle of the night because you think you overslept and missed your registration time.

This happens about three times the night before registration. I quickly wake up at 3 AM thinking that the journalism class I have sought after and stared at through my computer screen is going to have zero seats left and I’m going to have to explain to my parents why I am a failure.

4. It is your registration time, and the page won’t refresh.

I wish I could accurately explain to you the minute before your registration time. For example, I registered at 11 this year and at 10:55 I was fine. I was cool, calm and collected but then at 10:59 my heartbeat started to accelerate. This is the moment before the race starts, the moment before you figure out if you won’t have class on Fridays, or if you’re going to have to start mentally preparing yourself for an 8 AM. I would most like to refer to this moment as the Hunger Games moment. The moment before the twelve tributes are allowed to step off of their circle and into the realm where only one will be victorious. Do you understand the picture I am trying to draw? Yes? Good. But then, the page is taking to slow to refresh and you think to yourself…oh my goodness I am being sabotaged! Then finally, the page refreshes and you go to your planner and try clicking on the classes you want so fast that your hand is shaking. You click, click, click, click and then press submit. Here it is the moment of truth…

5. You get the classes you wanted.

This is the moment of disbelief. The moment where Taylor Swift stands up on stage staring out at her audience in utter disbelief that they all came to hear her perform. You realize you are registered for 16 credits and that class you thought would fill up before you got a chance had 3 seats left, and you were able to grab one of them. This, my friend, is the state of grace, the perfect moment.

The look on your face when you get the class you want

Disclaimer: While sometimes you aren’t able to get the certain section you wanted, or the certain teacher you wanted, rest assured that you won’t have a problem getting a full schedule. One of the great things about BU is that although they are one of the bigger universities, students aren’t left trying to fill their schedule. Go BU!

Happy thanksgiving!