Taylor: Convenience Pointers

Before your departure to the wonderful Terrier Nation here are a few convenience pointers for your consideration:

1. Touch Up Your Laundry Skills:

I admit, my parents pampered me when it came to laundry. Understanding separating delicates and darks never struck my mind. I like to blame the Rugrats for this mindset. With complete honesty, it wasn’t until my week of departure that I coughed up courage and spent hours learning the ropes of the washer and dryer from my mom. I am forever grateful for that sacrifice of time. The most embarrassing thing to watch in a packed laundry room is a soap overflow, or a guy who mixes all of his white shirts with his girlfriends red socks. Learn the ropes with professionals while you are still under their wings.

2. Figure out your Banking Arrangements ahead of time:

Banks within one region of the country may lack availability in another. Unfortunately, I discovered this the hard way. But no fear! There are tons of banks within the BU parameters and they are very accessible. The following link will direct you to a list of local banking options available near/on campus http://www.bu.edu/students/finances/accounts-banking/. I would suggest selecting a banking service that is the same as a close relative – this makes transferring funds easier and less expensive.

3. Double check with your roommate on rooming necessities:

Some items such as fans, refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, etc. should not be duplicated within a small room. Share the love and save some pennies!

4. Buy an academic calendar:

From the moment your step on campus and receive your first syllabus deadlines immediately become a part of your life. Take a moment while you can to find an organizer that suits you.

5. Don’t be afraid to contact your COM Ambassador prior to school starting:

This is not a promo for the amazing Ambassador program but we are here to help. I couldn’t have made it through my freshman year without the help and humor of my COM Ambassador (shameless plug).

Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks. Follow me on twitter @twalksbu.


Taylor: How I Met My Roommate

Taylor ImageIn conversing with others I have noticed that the most popular collegiate related question that family members, neighbors and peers will homogenously parrot other than “How is school going” is, “Do you like your roommate?” Although responses to the question vary, I am certain that a respectable, trusting, and fun living space will produce a healthy roomie relationship.

The First Date. After tension from awaiting news of acceptance has eased down the next perplexing moment that all students endure is waiting for BU’s housing release email. A notice that announces that freshmen can now check student link to unleash the veil that not only states where you will be housed over the next year but more importantly WITH WHOM. The student link section typically discloses the persons name and BU email address. Ideally, once names have been released Facebook friend requests are mutually sent.  Yet, what happens next? What if you can’t find your roomie on any social networking site?

If at first you don’t succeed TRY AGAIN. Facebook as well as other social networking sites are largely populated. Don’t undermine your search abilities if you can’t immediately find your assigned roommate. Remember, the university also graciously posts email addresses. Don’t be afraid shooting a welcoming email including a bit about who you are, your major, and fun personality traits. Check out BU’s COM 2016 page https://www.facebook.com/BUCOMClassof2016 as well as other university class pages.

Consult. Regardless of whether or not you have siblings, or if your roommate happens to be your best friend, living in the same quarters is a huge adjustment.  Best bit of advice- discuss your ticks. Mind readers are often hard to find, and there’s really no other way for someone else to know what annoys you than voicing it aloud.

Roomance. In an effort to offset cost, most find it helpful to divide up common room appliances prior to moving in.  Creating an open atmosphere where there is a mutual dependence on one another aids in ways unimaginable. During the school year you may become ill, may need to vent about a pressing issue, or just yearn for a good laugh. Even when you feel as though no one is by your side, your roommate has no choice.