Kaitlin: Finals

Kaitlin ImageFinals.  Now, I’m sure you can relate to Boston University students as they cram, cry and complain about finals week, because whether you’re in college, high school or junior high, finals are just no fun.

But here at BU, we’ve realized some tips and tricks to survive the atrocity that is finals week, and I’m going to share them with you!

1. Sweat it out.

It’s been scientifically proven that working out helps decrease stress levels dramatically.  Since BU students are very intelligent, we’ve figured that out, and for this reason, you’ll see an exceptionally packed Fitness and Recreation Center (FitRec, our awesome gym) towards the end of the semester.  So when you have a test and can’t read another word out of the textbook, give it a break; go for a run; lift weights at the gym; take a yoga class.  It’ll give you a productive way to put off your work, and will actually help you out in the long run (beach season is coming up, after all!).

2. Find a buddy or two.

Studying in groups can be a great way to get work done.  Get together with friends and perhaps other students from your classes to cover material for the tests.  Living on specialty floors (like the COM floors in select BU Residence Halls!) can be extremely helpful for this! Have a question? Shoot over to your classmate who lives across the hall.  You’ll be able to get another perspective on a topic that may need some clarification.  Plus, the bit of distraction that comes with being with friends can be healthy after stuffing your mind with words or numbers all day.

3. Eat some yummy goods.

Finals can be a good time to overindulge in the most unhealthy way possible- but try not to allow yourself to do that! Eating tons of pizza, candy, and other heavy foods will only slow you down, making you more tired, anxious, and stressed. Instead, find light, healthy foods to accompany your late night study sessions.  Instead of ordering Pizza Hut, grab some veggies and hummus or a bowl of fresh fruit.  It will keep you more willing to get your study on because you won’t be regretting that 6 pound hamburger.

4.  Fall in love with Boston all over again.

While I’m studying (especially on the 26th floor of Student Village 2!) I like to close my book or my laptop, and just look at the city I live in and love.  After living in Boston you may start to take for granted the marvelous things around you.  So allow yourself to be distracted for an hour or two.  Stare at the beautiful Charles River. Take the T to a site you’ve never seen.  You’ll give yourself the chance to clear your mind before a big exam, and will remind yourself why you love Boston.