Lauren: The COMmunicator’s Got No COMpetition

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It was just a typical day when Ashley Waxman, a first-year graduate student here at COM, stopped by one of my COM classes to talk about “The COMmunicator,” the official newsletter for the Department of Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations at COM.  She encouraged the students in my class to attend one of their meetings, and lured us in with the prospect of free cookies and baked goods.  I figured that I would give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised by what “The COMmunicator” had in store for me!

I quickly learned that “The COMmunicator” gives its readers insight into anything and everything that is going on in the MC/AD/PR Department!  From special awards that COM has received, to cool upcoming events and interviews with successful alumni who are working in the industry, “The COMmunicator” covers it all!  All the writers, editors and staff members are graduate or undergraduate students at COM and their website contains blogs, funny videos (check out “Good COM/Bad COM”) and tons of articles relating to everything COM.

Before I knew it, I was placed on the marketing team for The COMmunicator.  We meet once a week in the COM study lounge and brainstorm creative ways to promote the website!  We come up with clever designs for the flyers we hang around the COM buildings and research happenings in COM and the Boston area to tweet or post about on Facebook.

Working on “The COMmunicator” has helped me feel more connected with COM than ever before!  I definitely suggest that any students who want to get more involved with COM check out “The COMmunicator!”  They are always looking for students to write articles or help with their marketing/social media efforts!

The COMmunicator” will also be hosting a special event on Thursday, April 12th that will feature COMpetition, COMedy and much more!  Keep an eye out for more information!

Get connected with “The COMmunicator”:



Twitter: @bucommunicator

Facebook: BU COMmunicator

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