Kaitlin: If Not for the Education, then for the Eggplant

Well folks, this week I think I found my absolute favorite thing about BU.

For a while I thought it was my state of the art room in StuVi2; then I considered it being the top notch instructors; of course, the convenience of being in one of the coolest cities in the country was a plus.

All of these features are incredible, and really add to the uniqueness and perfection that is Boston University, but no. The number one reason why I love my school is simple:  the Farmer’s Market.

Since I’ve been a student here for two years, I knew about the weekly Farmer’s Market for quite some time, but because I lived in a dorm, I saw no reason to visit it.  After luckily landing a spot in an apartment  I decided to check it out, since I had some space in my refrigerator to fill- And boyyy was my vegan, health conscious heart smiling.

As soon as I walked in front of the GSU this Thursday afternoon, the sight and smell of all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and baked goods made me feel like I was in heaven.  Farmers with friendly faces stood by their locally grown and made foods, talking to students about their products and even giving away free samples.

Ward’s Berry Farm, one of the many small businesses at the Market,  give students the opportunity to purchase a box of deliciousness for $22 a week. This box is filled with a random assortment of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and is more than enough to last you the week, if not two.

But if you’re not into the whole foods-from-the-earth thing, the Farmer’s Market definitely offers some choices that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Taza Chocolate, which in my opinion is some of the best chocolate around, is represented, informing students about its delicious, rich product, and even giving away some samples of different favors.

The Market also features AKA Marvelicious, a vegan cookie company based in Jamaica Plain that has treats to die for. Seriously. Even if you’re not a vegan, you’ll fall in love with the Almond  Carrotoons or Orange Chocolate Chip cookies. I’m drooling just thinking of them.

You can also buy different flavored nuts, local honey, maple syrup, or yummy baked breads.

Be sure to catch the Farmer’s Market-whether you have a kitchen or not- every Thursday until October 25th from 11am- 3pm. I can almost guarantee you’ll see me there.

Visit http://www.bu.edu/dining/about-us/sustainability/farmers-market/ for more information.