CCD-ERC Student Ambassador Corner: Spring – and Finals – Are In the Air

Zach Costello, CCD-ERC Student Ambassador

Spring has sprung, but it comes at a price. We have to get through finals before we can really start to enjoy the nice weather.

So how to tackle finals?  One of the most important things you should know how to do is, believe it or not, STUDY! Many students think that simply memorizing their textbook will get them an “A” on their exams. It’s not about memorization.

The key to effective studying is to know how to apply concepts to certain situations. Many professors like to ask hypothetical questions and expect you to apply what you know to the given situation. Memorizing terms and definitions will only get you so far. But knowing how to apply what you know to real life is the key to understanding the material. A good way to test your ability to apply concepts is to try to find real-world examples and considering how much you truly understand. The more you can relate theories to real-life examples, the deeper your understanding will be of the course material.

I hope the fact that memorization is not always the answer comes as a relief to some of you. Now that exams are around the corner… again…strive to become conversational in your course material. Being comfortable just chatting about something is much easier than expecting to memorize a whole textbook…and a lot more useful.

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