Anneliese: Resisting Temptation at WXPN

A couple of days ago at my internship, I was organizing the mail when I came across the yet-to-be-released Sigur Rós album, sent from the band’s label. I was so tempted to pop it into my computer and give it a listen before anyone else, but (being the conscientious worker I am), I dropped it into the proper box, consoling myself with the fact that I had at least seen it before anyone else and that I’d probably be able to pluck it from the freebies bin a couple of weeks after it dropped.

That’s not the only temptation I’ve faced at my internship. Oh no, there are plenty more. For one, I had to resist the urge to storm Joshua Radin’s tour bus when we had to very kindly ask his driver to please move it so that Portugal. The Man could unload their van. I then had to restrain myself from begging Portugal. The Man for autographs as I guided them into Elvis (our largest studio) and assisted during soundcheck. (At least I got to witness them autograph our studio wall!)

I’ve also had to practice self-control when typing up scripts for the World Café because all I want to do is Google each and every new artist I come across and see how I like their music. In that situation, I tell myself that I will get to hear the songs when I log the World Café shows in two days time and I force myself onto my next task.

I guess I should place these temptations into context, so you can follow me. This summer, I’m a World Café Programming intern at WXPN, a public radio station based in Philadelphia. The cool part about my internship is that I’m not an intern solely for the station itself, but for the World Café program, which is produced at WXPN and aired nationally via NPR affiliates. On the show, host David Dye interviews various artists and has them perform some songs live in the studio. So far this summer, I’ve seen Portugal. The Man, La Santa Cecilia, Big Country, KT Tunstall, and The Handsome Family featured on the show. I’m most looking forward to seeing Steve Martin (yes, that Steve Martin!) and Edie Breckell at the end of the month when they come here to promote their new folk album.

I work at the station 9am-4pm, Monday-Thursday with an hour long commute each way with no pay, so I have to work my real job as a receptionist at hair salon Fridays and Saturdays to support my groovy lifestyle (hah). When I cringe each morning as my alarm goes off at 6:15am and I brood about how I probably won’t get a seat on the train, I remind myself about the perks of my internship: The free music and mini “concerts,” the relaxed and friendly work environment, and the invaluable experience I’m gaining. I feel so lucky to be working with people who are so passionate about music and the future of public radio. I’m also given a lot of independence and responsibility, so I really feel as though I am actually making a difference here at the station.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summers and keeping busy! Though I’ll be sad for my internship to end in August, I miss Boston and I’m looking forward to the fall!


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