Alexa: Summer on the Cape

This summer I’m spending my time interning for the Cotuit Ketleers of the Cape Cod Baseball League.  I knew I wanted to do something baseball related this summer and the Cape league seemed like the perfect fit. I’ve only been here for a week but I’ve loved every minute of it! I’ve figured out that sports’ reporting is definitely something I want to do! Being a field reporter for a baseball team means I’m out on the field instead of inside an office, but it doesn’t mean I have a different set of rules. There are five important things I have learned (from COM of course) to do when you have an internship.

1. Make a good first impression

-Seriously, no one will ever forget the first time you meet; make it count.

2. Be on time.

3. Give 100%.

4. Follow the guidelines

5. Have fun. (It’s an Internship; you’re supposed to learn and grow but also supposed to have a good time.)

My first game is this Wednesday and I am so nervous/excited! I’ll let you know how it all goes!


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