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I drink a lot of coffee. Like a lot of coffee. While I’d love to be a coffee snob, I’m not and nine times out of ten I settle for Starbucks. Luckily, I go to a wonderful university that facilitates this nasty habit! So freshmen/prospective students, I’ve done the work for you that would have taken you a whole semester to figure out: which Starbucks locations on campus are better than the others?


5: Warren: Ew. Oh my gosh. The line is OUTRAGEOUS, the coffee is ALWAYS burnt, and there are NEVER any pastries. Did I mention the seating is uncomfortable? Only go to this Starbucks if you are in dire need of caffeine and need an IV drip of espresso.

(This Starbucks was ranked lower because they do not accept dining points.)

4: Questrom: I would assume if you are reading this blog you are not in Questrom. If you are not in Questrom this Starbucks is not a fun place. There is a dress code for this Starbucks, and the seating is more like the floor of the stock market than a café. Drinks are meh. I’ve seen better.

(This Starbucks was ranked higher because it does accept dining points)

3: West: So here’s the sitch, this Starbucks is not a BU Starbucks. It’s like a real one you would find in a real strip mall. I know… crazy. So it’s nice to have one that accepts rewards and coupons and actually has the full menu. However, this was ranked a little bit lower because as a zombie freshman, using real money is a foreign experience and can be jolting in juxtaposition to the coffee you’ll receive.

TIE: GSU: Oh how I love the GSU Starbucks even though it is kind of cruddy. There is nothing better than being able to emerge from the 6th floor of Mugar and only take about 100 steps to get a pick-me-up, or being able to have a Basho sushi bowl in one hand and your venti iced coffee in the other without much extra time in the intermix. However, this only goes to tie because it is a smaller location with a long line almost always.

(This Starbucks obviously takes dining points… it’s in the GSU.)

TIE: Kenmore: THIS STARBUCKS IS CLASSY!!! The interior design is like WOW! There is a HUGE variety of seating options, and OUTDOOR seating!!! What else could a hyperactive yet bougie college sophomore want? Well, it would be nice if they accepted either dining points or rewards, but the ambiance of this Starbucks (and general lack of line) puts this Starbucks in a tie with the most convenient Starbs location on campus.

BONUS TIP: The coffee at Rize is NOT bad at all!! Try that if the line is long elsewhere!

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