@TaylorReports : The Advent of Social Media

Follow me…two words that would make me cringe at first sight on non-related communication accounts. I must admit that I should now be classified as a hypocrite due to my recent bandwagon membership. I am now like the flock of people that dare to compose posts soliciting this “following” fellowship but for good reason: it gravely helps me in the field.

This semester I enrolled in a journalism class that required constant communication with individuals within a particular Boston neighborhood.  At times emailing people can be tricky. I found personally seeking a “Friend Request” to work more in my favor when calling and emailing fails. Using social media is a great tool for finding the story and charting trends.

Twitter posts, in particular, can also be a great way of stalking (properly known as tracking) celebrities.

“We are best friends at this point,” said Jonathan Reyes, who recently ventured to see Anderson Cooper multiple times.

“In Copley Sq. pretty sure Anderson Cooper is across the St., what do I do? Give him my boloco, do I get down on one knee? JUST LOVE ME ANDY”  – tweeted one student.

The recent Patriot’s Day tragedy made it ever more apparent how important social media can be for communicating to family, calling attention to your thoughts, and getting a direct update on the situation. I must admit this advantage heavily influenced me to use social media more often.

Words of advice: Please beware that posts can be deceiving. Double check everything! Be careful of what you post but have fun along the way.  Use social media to network.  I have finally caved in and given more care. COM sponsors tons social media based events, in fact, Professor Stephen Quigley teaches an incredible course about new media and public relations that you should all enroll in at some point!

Tweet & Follow,



Jason: Docs, Andy Cohen, and More!

Wow this past month has been crazy! Just to give you guys a quick update on some things I’ve been doing lately…

Still working on the documentary! You might be thinking, “well of course you are. There’s no way it could be done already.” But I meant that in the sense that the whole project hasn’t blown up in my face yet. In fact it’s actually going really well! The facebook page and website are up and running so check it out!


I’m really excited to tell you guys about what’s going on later today. This afternoon in my producing class, two classmates and I will be pitching a new competition reality show to Andy Cohen from Bravo! You know, Top Chef, Rachel Zoe? Yeah, that Bravo. We’ve been working real hard the last couple weeks so it’s pretty nerve wrecking–it’s all come down to this. But let me just say, creating everything for this show (finding contestants, a host, judges, locations) was a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. But hey, if Andy likes our pitch and wants to put us on the air it’ll all be worth it. I can’t tell you what our idea is yet in case you might steal it so I’ll have to tell you about how it goes in the next post!

I’m producing our Production 2 film so I’ve started to look for actors, break down the script, and think about other cool pre production things. More to come on that later though…

And internships! Still waiting to hear back but I should be in Boston for my third summer in a row!

Congrats to anyone who’s reading this and was recently admitted in to the College of Communication! We’re really excited to have you  and look forward to meeting you.

I hope you all enjoyed this months installment of my blog. If there’s anything else you guys would like to hear about let me know!


Steph: Meet Our New COM Ambassadors!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break!

While all of you were relaxing and spending some time at home, we added some new COM Ambassadors to our roster! All of our new CAs are involved in different things around campus, and we know they will be super helpful to all of the incoming freshman this fall. With that being said, allow me to introduce the new CAs!



Abby Cecchine

Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Lakeland, FL


Anneliese Scheck

Year: Sophomore

Major: Film/TV

Hometown: Hatboro, PA


Hannah Herman

Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Lancaster, PA


Kevin Comeau

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Belchertown, MA


Maria Martinolich

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Port Washington, NY


Morgan Perry

Year: Junior Transfer Student

Major: Advertising

Hometown: Garnet Valley, PA


Sara Engelsman

Year: Sophomore Transfer Student

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Merrimack, NH


Will Dowsett

Year: Freshman

Major: Film/TV

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI


Look out for their blog posts in the coming weeks!



Richie: Thankful after Sandy

Most of us see Thanksgiving break as a quick break from school. It’s seen as a time to fill-up on turkey, watch some football, bump into old friends, and go Black Friday shopping. It’s a great time to be with family, but unfortunately most of us don’t actually stop and take time to give thanks. I know I’m guilty of it. This past weekend was the first time I went back to Lindenhurst in the past few months and I quickly found I had a lot to actually be grateful for.

Lindenhurst, being a town on the south shore of Long Island was very affected by Hurricane Sandy. For weeks I had seen friends posting pictures on facebook of their homes flooded, property destroyed, home-made signs threatening looters, and even photos of the National Guard who had set-up checkpoints. My home was just a few blocks north from most of the destruction so my family had luckily only suffered a power outage for a little over a week. But I had many close friends who lost a lot of property, had basements and first floors flooded, and some who weren’t even able to live in their homes anymore.

A friend who came back from college for Thanksgiving Break actually ended up staying with me every night. All the storage he kept below his home and in the garage had to be moved into his home and there was physically nowhere he could actually sleep. He’d spend the days with his family at a relative’s house and the nights at my place. He had always been a close friend so it was great having “sleepovers” like we used to when we were younger, but obviously we wished it could’ve been under better circumstances.

I drove around some of the areas that saw the most destruction and was taken back. Most of it had been cleaned up, but debris still lay around in many places, some roofs torn off homes, and a close friend’s house I saw was completely blocked off with caution tape.

It was a very surreal but a very sobering experience. It helped me be thankful for what I had. I enjoyed thanksgiving with my family and we even began decorating for Christmas around the house a bit early. My girlfriend even came out to visit a close family friend who lives a few minutes from me and she got to meet my family for the first time. It was a great break and seeing my family was very much needed. I hope that my friends and any other victims of the storm, on Long Island or anywhere else, will soon find help in rebuilding and recovering. I know I’m waiting to get back for Christmas break and hopefully see things better worked out around my town.

Kate: 5 Boston Hot Spots to Hit in Your First Week

I know your first week at school is going to be insane so maybe tackle these in your first month but here are some of my favorite Boston places:

1. Shop on Newbury. One of the best shopping strips in the country, Newbury Street is just a 15 minute walk from campus.  With everything from Forever 21 to Burberry, more fro-yo places than I can count and some of Boston’s best restaurants, it’s a great place for a little retail therapy and some delicious food.

2. Hang out in Boston Common. You may have heard that Boston gets a little chilly in the winter so the Common should be one of your first stops.  I’m the kind of person who could spend a whole day on a bench people watching but if you’re not into that, you can also take a Swan Boat tour, wander the Public Garden or walk the Freedom Trail, which begins in the Common (however, that’s a favorite of Mom and Dad so maybe wait until Parent’s Weekend to take that 3 mile trek).

3. Explore Faneuil Hall. A historic marketplace near the waterfront, Faneuil Hall is an outdoor marketplace with tourist-y stores and lots of restaurants.  More shopping and eating, seeing a trend here?  They do have one of my favorite stores in the city though- Christmas in Boston where you can buy cheesy holiday decorations all year round.

4. Hit the Beach at Revere. Who knew there was a beach only a short T ride away? Not this girl until it was too late so I am letting you know now.  Take the Blue Line to the end and its less than a five minute walk to a day of fun in the sun.

5. Dinner in the North End. New York has Little Italy.  Where I’m from in St. Louis, we have The Hill.  In Boston, we have the North End. It even smells like Italian when you walk onto Hanover Street.  One of my favorites is The Daily Catch where they serve your pasta in the pan it was cooked in and you drink your water out of paper Dixie cup.  And of course, a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry is to. die. for.

Since I won’t be in Boston to welcome you all to college, I hope you have a FANTASTIC first semester and I will see y’all in the spring!




Kate: The Countdown Begins…

As the countdown to summer was highly anticipated by many, my countdown is just beginning. The countdown for September 1st, the day that I will board a 747 with 200 other BU students to London for the next three and a half months.  And something tells me that with classes over and that diploma in hand, a few of you have a very similar countdown as you look forward to beginning your freshmen year at BU.

This summer, I’m laying low in preparation of a fantastic three months abroad. No internship, just working, seeing friends and enjoying Boston.  And I pass that same advice along to you as you prepare for the next step in your life.  Many you are probably feeling the pressure to brush up on high school skills or get an internship related to your intended major. My advice to you: just relax.  You will have plenty of time for that once you’ve arrived, trust me. Take this time now to enjoy your home life, your high school friends, your summer freedom and lots of yummy graduation cakes because once all the thrill begins in September, it won’t stop and you won’t want it to.

My countdown says 72 days. What does yours say?