Steph: Clubs, Clubs, and More Clubs

Hey guys, guess what? SCHOOL STARTS SO SOON! While I’m pretty sad that summer is coming to an end, I also can’t wait to get back to Boston in just about 20 days!

The first few weeks as a college student were definitely a tough adjustment. It seems like everyone is wearing their favorite band T-shirts, desperate for someone to walk up and say, “Hey, you like the Jonas Brothers too?! So do I! LET’S BE BFFS!!” But, just remember that you aren’t the only person feeling a tad lonely—everyone is starting out the same way, hoping that someone likes the Jonas Brothers just as much as they do. Everyone is looking to make friends, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself. The best way to do this is to join a club! Think about it: by joining a club, half the work is already done—you know that the people who signed up for the same club have to have something in common with you!

At the beginning of the school year, BU holds an even called SPLASH, which is an enormous club fair held on Nickerson Field. As a freshman, I was totally overwhelmed. There are just SO many clubs and organizations to get involved in; you might feel a bit lost. I did, and I ended up waiting until second semester to really commit to anything. When I finally joined BUTV in the spring as a production assistant for the soap opera Bay State, I totally regretted my decision of not starting earlier. It was clear that it’s the best and most fun way to meet people.

My advice to you is to do your research. Before you get to Boston, visit this website for a list of all the student organizations at BU so you can go into SPLASH with a better idea of what you want to sign up for:

So do some research, sign up for anything that seems fun, and stick with one or two things. Don’t waste time like I did! See you all so soon!

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