Kaitlin: 5 Things To Do Before You Leave For Boston University

Hey everyone! I hope your last few weeks of summer are some of the best you’ve ever had. As the countdown for the first day of school begins, I can’t help but think of some things I wish I had done before trekking to Beantown.  Take a look at my list! Hopefully it inspires you to take advantage of my suggestions, or even think of some last minute to-dos before you go!

1. Start a Facebook group with your friends from high school.

Losing touch with your childhood buddies is inevitable.  Everyone is off at different schools, doing his or her own thing, making it super easy to lose touch with one another. I suggest creating a Facebook group with your peeps to share new stories or talk about some good memories.  This way, even though you won’t see each other face-to-face everyday, you’ll still have some idea what is going on.

2. Have your mom make you your favorite meal.

Don’t get me wrong- Boston University’s dining halls kick ass.  But there’s nothing better than your grandma’s famous mac and cheese or your dad’s veggie burgers (my pops makes the best around). So before you go, ask to have your favorite dish for dinner, and invite the whole family to join.  It’ll be a good chance for you to appreciate what you’ll be missing while being around the people you love.

3. Make goals for your freshman year.

Take a while to think about the awesome year you have ahead of you, and try to come up for somethings you want to achieve.  No one wants to fail a class, or gain the freshman 15 or lose her BU ID for the millionth time, but try to come up with a small bucket list that will inspire you throughout the year.  Maybe that means starting a new club or charity or visiting all of the special museum exhibits or having lunch with Dean Elmore.  Stay hungry and motivated!

4. Get yourself a journal.

I know you’ll have plenty of papers to write throughout the semesters ahead, but nothing compares to sitting down and recording what’s going on in your head.  Write it all down, brothers and sisters. You’ll appreciate it when you want to look back on your first few months of college and remember what you were up to.

5. Buy a bunch of disposable film cameras.

Even better than a written recollection of your year are some photos to go along with it.  And I’m  not talking about low quality pictures that you tag on Facebook.  I’m talking hard copy, raw film that you can stick in a physical photo album and look at.  There’s nothing greater than developing your rolls months later and seeing what shenanigans you were up to at the time it was used.

Let me know if you have any other off-to-school must-dos! See you all in a few weeks!

XOXO Kaitlin

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