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I hope you’re all enjoying your last weeks of summer before school begins in just a few short weeks!

As my senior year is quickly approaching (yikes!), I’ve found myself having many talks with friends about how great the past 3 years were and trying to relive the memories through photos, Facebook wall-to-walls, old blog posts, and anything we could get our hands on to remember those days.

I’ve decided that for my last leg of college I’d document the adventures, hoorahs, good times, lessons learned, mistakes (let’s hope there aren’t too many of these), and all the beauty that comes with being in college by starting a new personal blog. While revisiting some of my old blogs I found it rather fun to be able to meet my younger self and wished that I had been more consistent with posting throughout the years. But thankfully, for those times I wasn’t so active in writing about my life, I had plenty of photos to fill in the gaps.

Many of you are about to start a whole new chapter in your lives that we like to call college.

Take it from me, someone who is unfortunately on her way out, document everything! I’m choosing to do it through a new blog, but any way you can or prefer will do!  Write about it, photograph it, save mementos from special events, anything! Take advantage of the fact that we live and breathe in the digital world, so what we write online is written in something more permanent than Sharpie and will always be there (assuming the internet stays alive forever!) for us to stumble upon whenever we want to take a stroll down memory lane.

You should all be so excited because there really is no other time quite like college. It’s full of fun, adventure, friends, and so much more. So take my advice and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!

See you all very soon and shout to #district7! Let the #COMGames begin!

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