Kaitlin: Bike Safety on Comm Ave

Hi everyone!  This blog post is going to be short, for the sole reason that I’m asking my roommate to type it for me.  And the reason why I’m asking my roommate to type it for me is because I have been told that I’m not able to use a computer, do any homework, go to class, or even go outside for the past several days.  And the reason for THAT is that I was in a bike accident last week and got a minor concussion and a few stitches as a result.

I want this blog post to serve as a very, very important reminder to stay safe on the road, whether you’re a biker, a driver, or even just a pedestrian.  Things happen.  And a lot of the time, those things aren’t too pretty.

  1. If you decide to ride your bike, WEAR A HELMET.  I seriously can’t stress this enough.  Who knows what could have happened to me if I didn’t have one on.
  2. LOOK WHERE YOU’RE GOING.  This goes for everyone.  Sometimes bikers, people, cars come out of “nowhere.” So look out.
  3. I don’t care if you’re on wheels or not, OBEY THE TRAFFIC LAWS.  If there’s a blinking red hand telling you not to walk, it’s simple. Don’t walk.

Now I know you’ve all heard these things a million times, and I don’t want to sound completely lame, but take it from me- missing class for days in a row and having your best friend type your blog posts for you isn’t as fun as it seems.  I promise. It’s worth it to wait a few extra seconds at a stoplight or strap a hard shell on your head.

Stay safe,



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