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The last you heard from me I blogged about where to brunch in Boston. Listen, I was really hungry when I wrote that post AND I firmly believe that brunching is a serious matter.

Anyway…on to what I’m actually doing in my real life aside from daydreaming about lattes and homefries. Since the first week of classes I’ve been interning as a reporter for GateHouse Media New England, a news organization that owns 150+ local newspapers in Eastern Massachusetts. I primarily write for the Allston-Brighton TAB/www.WickedLocal.com/Allston and the Brookline TAB/ www.WickedLocal.com/Brookline.  My internship is awesome because I am getting actual “learn-as-you-go” reporting experience. The hours are flexible enough to fit my already packed schedule, and so I am able to cover about 1-2 stories a week. Since Allston-Brighton and Brookline are in BU’s backyard, it’s incredibly easy for me to get to wherever I need to go. In the two months that I’ve been reporting for the TAB I’ve written several business features, a Q&A with a Boston public health official, covered a school board meeting and a seminar on construction developments, among other stories. Aside from getting tangible journalism experience, I am also becoming more familiar with the two neighborhoods that border or arguably blend into BU’s campus. I no longer feel like an outsider from NY– I am starting to develop a mental Google Maps of Allston-Brighton and Brookline, I am tapping into more localized cultures and piecing together what really concerns locals and Bostonians at large.

Check out two of my published works! Here is one for Allston-Brighton and another for Brookline.


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