Jason: Back in the USA

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and I am back in the United States watching football.

That’s right guys, COM Ambassador Jason has begun life back in the states again and everything is under full swing. I’m living in Stuvi 2 again (but in an apartment this time) and I’m taking 3 classes: Production 2, Creative Producing 1, and Understanding Film. I’ve only had a few weeks of classes but I can tell this is going to be my favorite semester.

So far in Production 2 we’ve shot a small mock scene from the Social Network as an exercise and will be shooting an entire scene in full for our first project. Understanding film is great for all you film buffs out there because the class is structured around watching and talking about films- pretty simple. But the producing class just might be my favorite. We’re learning about how to take ideas for talk shows, reality shows, and documentaries and turn them into viable projects. And next month we’ll actually be skyping with Andy Cohen from Bravo to pitch reality show ideas to him.

Because I’m only taking 3 classes I’ve also just begun a new project that could turn into something pretty big. But I’ll save that for the next blog and keep you guys in suspense. Oooo.

Mostly I’m excited because this semester is going to be the semester of concerts. I wen to fun. on friday, and lined up I’ve got Mumford and Sons, Lady Gaga, Matchbox Twenty, and I would love to go to Imagine Dragons, Chris Thile, and a couple others. Check out those guys if you don’t know ’em.

As always shoot me an email, tweet, or post card if you have any questions!


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