Alexa: The Pitfalls of Procrastination

I am in denial of being a procrastinator. I would like to think that I listened to my mom when she told me to buy a calendar for the school year and keep important due dates on there and I’d like to think I listened to my dad when he called on the weekends and told me to study ahead of time; but I didn’t. Instead I rationalize with myself that I work better under deadline and thrive under pressure.

Do I really? Maybe.

Is this a good excuse for waiting until the last minute to do things? Nope.

The two big examples of my most recent procrastination are happening right now

  • My blog post.

Time to complete: 1 week

When I started it: 5 minutes ago

Due: in 30 minutes

  • 10 page paper for my history class

Time to complete: 2 weeks

When I started it: 2 hours ag0

Due: in 6 hours

While both these things will get done before their deadlines, this is not an encouragement to wait until the last minute to do things because it is SO STRESSFUL and gets my heart beating unnecessarily fast.

Instead try this:

  1. Write the due date for an assignment somewhere you can see it everyday, that way it will always be in the back of your mind to start when you have an extra moment.
  2. Start it early. For example, if you have to write a paper, try writing your beginning paragraph one night and your first body paragraph the next.
  3. Make sure to go into your professor’s office hours to make sure your paper is on the right track and use the COM writing center because it’s a wonderful resource.

In short, or in long, since I stopped half way through this blog to watch this video about 10 times

…Don’t procrastinate.

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