Taylor: Miss COM-geniality

The yearning for WORLD PEACE isn’t absent from my mind as I compete, with the scholarly and ever-dashing Christopher Schretzenmayer, in the 2013 Mr. & Ms. BU pageant. I am extremely humbled to be bestowed the title Ms. COM; words literally can’t express my gratitude to all the many congratulatory text messages and Facebook posts and endless support. I truly believe that this award is universal, for in my eyes, everyone within our college embodies the essence of communication.

Here are the top 5 things to expect from me during the race:

What pep talks sound like with Chris and Micha:


Once I walk into Metcalf hours early:


Can you guess my talent?


If I win:


All jokes aside please COMe out and support us Thursday March 21st as we showcase our knowledge on BU, passion for COM, and unique talents.

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The COM Ambassador program is available to current and prospective COM freshmen. We are here to answer questions and help you learn all the great things that BU, COM and Boston have to offer. Be bold. Be creative. Be COM. @BU

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