Steph: How COM Gets You Internship-ready

For those of you who don’t know, February and March are the prime times to be finding and applying for summer internships. So, naturally, for the past four weeks my brain has been filled with cover letters, resumes, and internship postings. As this is my first real internship search, I turned to COM to help me get internship-ready.

COM Career Services

In my frantic internship search, I have become a regular at COM Career Services. These people are here to help you every step of the way: from actually finding an internship (in Boston, or anywhere else!), to helping you edit your resume and finally perfecting your cover letter. They have been so incredibly helpful that I’ve become that girl that won’t hit send until everything has been looked over by someone in the office. They have appointments available and also have resume and cover letter walk-in hours every week, which has been great for multiple “quick check ins” when I have an hour in between classes.

COM Faculty

While I know how intimidating in can be to reach out to your professors, trust me when I say that they really want and love to help their students. I reached out to two COM professors and they both were totally willing to meet with me and discuss options for internships. Meeting with one of the amazing faculty members can be really helpful in getting a first idea of whats out there, and they can even help you out with their connections!

COM Student Servcies

As a student worker in COM Student Services, you can trust me when I say that Student Services is the one-stop spot for any and all questions regarding internships. If you have any little questions, like how to get credit for an internship, who your internship coordinator is, or how to get an internship form signed, Student Services is the place to go.

Good luck to all of you that are on the hunt for an internship this summer! When you get stressed out about it, just remember that COM is here to help.

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