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I don’t know about everybody else, but in the months preceding freshman year I was most anticipating living in an atmosphere where everybody is as enthusiastic about knowledge and education as I am. Not long after beginning my first year I realized how naïve I truly was. Wherever you go you’ll find that nobody is completely the same. It won’t take long to discover the kid who couldn’t care less about skipping class or the kid who spends every waking hour in the library. However, that is the beauty about college: you have a population of tens of thousands of people of whom you can pick and choose from (to an extent, of course).

COM, on the other hand, is an exception to the stigma. I have found that everybody in the College of Communication shares a passion. They don’t all share a passion for the same thing necessarily, but every student in COM is in COM because they want to be. Whether they want to be the next big Hollywood director or a columnist for the New York Times, they have all come to COM to get them there.

The students of COM provide a COMmunity for one another where one can be creative and experimental while having the rest of the student body, professors, and student resources to fall back on. The beautiful thing about this COMmunity is that it extends outside of the COM Building and into the rest of the BU Campus.

The event that inspired this post occurred last night: I was performing in my first Liquid Fun show. Liquid Fun is an improv comedy group on campus and some students had decided to focus on us for a Production class project, a documentary I believe. Another photojournalism student also asked if she could take pictures of us. And after the show, a journalist for the Daily Free Press wanted to ask us questions for an article she was writing. In the matter of an hour or so, BU Central was the location of not only a Liquid Fun show but also an intersection of three different branches of COM: Film/TV, Photojournalism, Journalism.

As I came into contact with all of the people conducting the interviews and documentations, I could tell that they were there because they wanted to be. The picture taking and question asking wasn’t an assignment but a pleasure. COM isn’t a school, it’s a COMmunity.

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