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*Tweet, Tweet*

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my obsession with Twitter.  I tweet constantly, but it’s OK.  I’m pretty sure I don’t need an intervention.  Not yet, anyway…

Since I spend way too much time on Twitter, I thought I’d share some advice on how to make the most of your Twitter time, so you’re not just mindlessly scrolling through your news feed for hours like I do all the time!

Well, here you go:

  1. Use Hootsuite!

Hoosuite is a great social media management tools that allows you to schedule tweets ahead of time, which is awesome and really convenient.  You can also follow customized feeds (using search words) and easily manage multiple accounts at the same time.  I’ve found it helpful that I can see what I’ve tweeted, who’s retweeted or mentioned me, and my news feed all on the same page!  It makes life easier (and the owl logo is so adorable).  If you’re slightly OCD like me, and enjoy keeping things organized, Hoosuite is the way to go!  And it’s free, for all the broke college students out there!


  1. Participate in TweetChats

Remember chatting on AIM back in the day?  Well, the new version of that comes in the form of TweetChats.  Basically, everyone involved in the discussion just uses the same hashtag to follow along with the conversation.  Using makes it really easy to see what everyone’s tweeting about.  There are tons of chats about all different types of topics that are hosted by all different types of people.  Feel free to check out this list here:

My personal favorites are the weekly #LikeableChat, #InternPro chat and #PinChat.  Joining in a tweetchat is a great way to network and interact with tons of interesting people!

  1. Add your own header picture

Twitter allows users to get creative with the theme of their page.   It’s really easy to design a customized background and header in Photoshop or InDesign, and it’s definitely worth it. Having an interesting design will make you stand out, and adds some flare to you page!  You can find more information about dimensions here: and

  1. Have fun with it!

What I love about Twitter is that you really can tweet about anything you want.  You can share content from other sources, tweet silly pictures or state your opinions about what’s going on in the world- it’s all about you!  Determine what you want to get out of your Twitter, and go for it!

I hope to see all you little tweetbirds on Twitter sometime soon.  Feel free to follow me at @laurhaslett.

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