Tiffany: Signing Off

It’s been an unforgettable 4 years.

As my time here as a BU student comes to a close with graduation right around the corner, I find myself spending a lot of time reflecting on my experiences and have come to the realization that throughout my time here, I’ve been given a lot to be thankful for.

I’ve had the privilege of learning from brilliant professors whose success in their respective fields reflects the invaluable knowledge that they bring into the classroom. Even more so, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of these professors on a personal level as they’ve mentored me through my academic endeavors and provided guidance and support as I pursued opportunities in the working world. They have cared more about my personal success and wellbeing than I ever anticipated college professors ever would. So to all the professors who have ever taught me a thing or a two about strategy, design, or even life for that matter, I thank you.

I’ve had the opportunity to make my mark on this campus and community by partaking in various student groups and activities. Through Fusion, my dance team here at BU, I’ve been able to refine my craft, perform all around campus, represent BU at competitions across the eastern seaboard, plan events, and most importantly, lead a group of talented individuals who I am proud to pass the torch onto as they carry on our team’s legacy of hard work, creativity, and family-like fellowship. Through the COM Ambassador program, I’ve had the opportunity to share my experiences with admitted students in hopes of helping them make arguably one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. I’ve also been able to mentor COM freshmen, providing guidance and endowing the insights and knowledge that I learned along the way. Fusion and the COM Ambassador program have given me the opportunity to learn and grow as a leader, and pay it forward to this community that has been so good to me over the years. So to Fusion and the COM Ambassador program, I thank you.

And finally, I’ve met some incredibly awesome, down-to-earth friends who I know will be my version of The Goonies for a lifetime. Together, we’ve taken on this adventure called college and fought off all the monsters that have come our way. We’ve shared some incredibly fun-filled times together and as a result, have made memories that are simply unforgettable. So to all the friends that I’ve made along with way, I thank you.

BU and COM, thanks for an incredible 4 years.

Signing off,



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