Taylor: COM is Magical

Life is becoming extremely surreal for me at the moment. About two years ago, I shared the same nervousness and enthusiasm as many of you. I can recall drafting lists with ideas on how to decorate my room, bulleting last minute items to purchase, and stalking the information pages of extracurricular clubs I found interesting. Images of friendships to come, future lectures to note, and adventures to embark on would constantly enter my mind. My imagination envisioned BU akin to Hogwarts.

I pictured myself becoming the Oprah of our stellar Quidditch team. Unfortunately, the sorting hat thought otherwise. I was heartbroken when Student Services denied my petition for a time turner. Regardless, the magic of collegiate experiences is contagious. There have been moments where I have missed the BU Shuttle platform by just 9 ¾’s of a second (It happens to all!). Here’s a handy life warning: DON’T walk over the university crest, located in Marsh Plaza, before graduating (it’s literally the dark mark!). FYI: Fluffy creatures are often spotted on university lawns during study periods and at random as therapy.

COM is an extraordinary school full of phenomenal beings. Just thinking about all of the legendary footsteps that Terriers follow daily sends chills down my spine. I am convinced that we posse individual Marauder’s Map- which steers us towards our passion and dreams! Get ready for a journey of a lifetime.





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