Steph: Freshman Dorm Décor

Hey there future freshman! As the summer starts to wind down, it’s time to think about how you’re going to make your freshman dorm feel like a home away from home. A lot of it comes down to simple things that will make your smalls space feel your own.


1. Photos and Posters

Pictures and posters are an easy way to make those bare white cinderblock walls feel more homey. Whenever you’re feeling a bit homesick, its nice to have some family pictures up on the wall. A fun way to display them is to hang a thin rope from the walls and attach photos with clothing pins to the rope!

2. Pillows and Blankets

Trust me, there is nothing like coming back to your room after a long day of classes and just collapsing on your bed amongst comfy pillows and soft blankets. You can also have a lot of fun with them, by having a plain white comforter and accessorizing with pops of patterns and color in your pillows and blankets!

3. Lighting

While every dorm room comes with wall lights, its always nice to add a tall lamp to add some illumination on late night study sessions. Picking a lamp with colored shades will cast warm glows in the room and make it feel a tad less like a prison cell…those florescent bulbs can be pretty harsh sometimes.


The most important thing is that you feel at home at BU, and that starts with your dorm room! So don’t be afraid to go all out and bring all the comforts of home with you.
See all of you SO SOON! (Counting down the days already!!) 🙂


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