Will: Managing Your Priorities

Alright, guys, here’s the thing.

College is all about setting priorities. Some nights, you’re gonna sit down in front of your computer and know that there is absolutely no way you’re going to get everything done. That’s just how it goes. So it comes down to being able to make a responsible decision on the things that are more important on that particular night.

The fact of the matter is, before you do literally anything, it’s crucial that you ask yourself if what you’re doing is important to your progression as a student. For example, choosing to watch Spring Breakers instead of studying for an exam wouldn’t be such a terrible decision on, say, a Saturday morning. However, choosing to watch Spring Breakers instead of studying for an exam the night before the actual exam….. not great. Not. Great.

The same goes with extra­curriculars. Sometimes your studies will get in the way of your extra­curriculars, and it is up to you to recognize when and how to adapt. Luckily, COM is a very experience­oriented learning atmosphere. Many of your professors and peers will encourage you to get out and get active with your passions and endeavors. And sometimes classes and your extra­curriculars may work well together, such as when you need somebody to write a profile about or a subject for a short film.

COM, in short, is a melting pot of passion and education. And the priorities that come along with it usually fall right into place.

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